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What tremendous service - as a hospitality manager for many years, it is refreshing to find companies striving to improve their customer service and not simply rely on the typical reasons service is often overlooked. You have gained another customer that will spread the word. MONICA C

Monica C │ 06/05/2006

Thank you all so much. Zappos has such professional employees. You know, the shoes are always so great, but I have been thinking about this as I was talking to my neighbor about Zappos. It really is the kind, polite, professional courteous folks who for many corporations and the dollar was always the bottom line. They forget about manners and human decency...You all have not. I just hope that whoever owns Zappos knows just how special you all are. In my heart, it is because how you all communicate with us that keeps me loyal to Zappos. Send this to your owner/CEO/supervisor/stockholders? (Whomever.) Zappos employees could teach big corporations a thing or two with your exceptional employed individuals who really know how to treat people. It’s important, really. Kindest regards,

Deb D │ 06/05/2006

I love your site. I saw a box @ my mailbox. I asked the person carrying the box what Zappos was all about. They raved on about your company. Now I am a customer (who raves on to my friends). Great site. Great choices. Great fun shopping.

Larry K │ 06/05/2006

Hello! I just wanted to say that I don't see how you could POSSIBLY improve your are the ultimate in all aspects of internet buying! Your choices are practically unlimited, your prices are good, your shipping is at the speed of light...AND you have never made an error on any of my many orders! When I need a pick-me-up, I type in and have a wonderful time shoe's medicinal, it really is. My daughter loves the shoes I buy for her, and her 3 kids will say "Gran, can you get me some white Etnies?"...or whatever is the choice...and I order from you and they're here really fast! Keep up the good work, I mean EXCELLENT work, and I'll be ordering again soon! Thank you!

Sandra T │ 06/05/2006

You guys are FABULOUS! I bought my first pair of shoes through Zappos at the beggining of this month (May) and have just completed my 6th order of shoes. That's 6 pairs of shoes in one month! Keen shoes are just the ticket for my active lifestyle. I teach 4th grade and then I take a 4-5 mile walk after work, Monday through Friday each week. In addition, I take care of my two grand children on weekends. I'm sold on Keen shoes because I have a high arch and these shoes make my feet so happy at the end of each day and each activity. The comfort and support can't be beat! But more important is Zappos service! I'm an online shopper, but Zappos is by far the best customer centered web site I've experienced. It is true that Zappos is a service that just happens to sell shoes. Thank you again for the your excellent service! If Zappos happened to sell other products in addition to shoes and handbags, I would order from Zappos again and again. A Big Online Shopper!

Elaine B │ 06/05/2006

Wow. You guys are great. With service like this, you can stop trying to constantly improve. You bet I will tell friends; better yet, I'll be back for another pair myself very soon. Thanks for resurrecting a lost art - great service.

Ron C │ 06/05/2006

Got your message about my shoes being sent today, and looking forward to receiving them. I have to tell you, that due to your superior service, not that I buy a ton of shoes, but any shoes I do purchase will always be through Zappos. You do an excellent job of taking care of your customers! Many Retailers just don't get it, do they? It is simple, treat of your customers like you want to be treated, and they will always come back! Thanks,

Rob C │ 06/05/2006

Just want to compliment you on the extraordinary efficiency of Zappo's. I would not be hesitant to do business with you again because of the free shipping and free return, and the ease with which everything is handled. I will definitely be doing business with you in the future. You have the best service I have ever encountered!

Phyllis M │ 06/05/2006

It is such a pleasure to do business with Zappos. I just got my new Clarks sandals last night. You're prompt, efficient and I love Clarks! Thanks for doing things the way you do. I'll be back again and again. I'd rather shop with you than in any store! Betty B.R

Betty B. R. │ 06/05/2006

Thank you for your prompt response. I have had difficulty with another Internet company, hence my overreaction. I can see Zappos is NOT like them. It also has made me aware that my "fears" were unfounded. It's wonderful to see a modern Internet company doing business in a professional and responsible manner. You have kept me as a customer and I will speak highly of you whenever possible. Thank you for your prompt attention to my request. I now see I overreacted based on past experience with another Internet company. I apologize for my strong response. Your company has acted very responsibly and professional during this process with me and I GREATLY appreciate it. I certainly will be back and can easily recommend Zappos to all. I look forward to doing business in the future,

Pamela O │ 06/05/2006

Hello all, As a wonderful surprise you recently upgraded the shipping on my order # 49026385. I wanted you to know how very much I appreciated that gesture. I had such an awful week previous to Wednesday, May 17th, when I placed that order. (Tuesday and Wednesday is my weekend.) Car being torn up by mechanics supposed to have fixed it, return visits to the shop, calls to the corporate office, etc., etc.. Unfortunately we had a storm that blew the delivery notice left Thursday under a planter on my porch but Friday when I got home from work I was greeted with the wonderful note that the shoes had been left with my neighbor. I retrieved them, wore them Saturday and just today was given notice that I was indeed given the promotion I had put in for a few weeks ago. Not that the shoes were the reason for that, but wearing them made me feel great. Couldn't have hurt, I say. Your kindness of the expedited shipping was very much appreciated. I certainly don't expect that again, but I do look forward to doing business with you in the future. And I sing your praises to all who ask. I heard about you when I asked a woman at work about her shoes. I would also like to mention that your website is very user friendly and that is also appreciated. So easy to order... So many shoes, so little time... Many thanks,

Mary F │ 06/05/2006

Dear Customer Service, You may use this as a testimonial if you would like. I want to say that your customer service department is one of the best I have ever worked with on the web. As an early adopter of web shopping I have discovered real pain with many on-line stores. However, Zappos provided me with perfect service and in fact shipped out a pair of shoes even without knowing if I had shipped back the original order. Phenomenal service. Once again thanks.

Michael D │ 06/05/2006

Dear Gentle Persons at, First of all, thank you so very much for your generous gesture of shipping my clogs at a faster rate. I appreciate that very much. Waiting for my Zappos shoes is like waiting for Christmas...or for the Heinz Ketchup to come out of the bottle: ANTICIPATION. Also, I want you to know that I tell EVERYONE I know about Many friends already shop with you ("Oh, my God, Sherlea...don't mention! I LOVE IT, and I always spend too much money there. But I can't help myself!). They love your store, too, and I can identify with the spending of too much money. By the way, even my orthopedic surgeon shops at Zappos (and wears Keen shoes). When I went to see her for my post-op visit (knee replacement surgery), I was wearing, for the first time, a pair of Keen shoes. She looked at my shoes and said, "What kind of shoes are those and where did you get them?" I started to answer, "They're Keen shoes, and I got them at this really cool website/store called", and she said, "Zappos! I know, I know. I love to shop there. What is the name of the style of those shoes? I'm going to get some." And, one last thing: my massotherapist also shops at Zappos! Thank you SO MUCH for the most wonderful shopping experience, bar none. Zappos is the BEST store there is, from quality items to beyond excellent service. Well, I'd write more, but I know you have other things to do. And besides, I have to go shoe shopping! Yours sincerely

Sherlea J.C. │ 06/05/2006

Tony, My Hat is off to you! I am 48 years old, a Founder, President & CEO of a company that is soon to be national & international and I have to tell you: * Your company is the greatest example of customer service I have ever experienced! I am seriously astounded by my great experiences with every transaction with your company. Exceeding expectations must be part of your game. Earlier than anticipated deliveries, customer service personnel who are always pleasant, accommodating, knowledgeable, etc. I wish the world operated the way your company does. Best Regards From A Great Admirer!

Tammy M.Y. │ 06/05/2006

Dearest Zappos Customer Loyalty Team -- Zappos is like nothing I have ever encountered in a store, online or otherwise. The promptness of service, total ease of return (you guys really know how finicky shoe freaks are!), constant inquiry as to how you may serve us better, and your customer evaluations (which have helped me tremendously in evaluating a particular brand/type of shoe) all create the "perfect" shopping experience! I have even told total strangers (who I perceived were frustrated in shoe-shopping) about you; and, have shared your .com address with everyone I meet who evidences any inkling of being crazy about shoes (the latest was the admitting clerk at Palestine Regional Hospital!). It is really refreshing and comforting to encounter the spiritual-material balance in your concept of merchandizing. This is difficult to explain; but, Zappos takes away some of the "guilt" I feel in buying more-and-more shoes instead of sending more money to Hope International or Heifer International or Catholic Medical Missions...or any of the multifarious, marvelous organizations "out there" who are helping create a healthier world. Because you reveal the people behind the product, you bring home the truth that by our high standard of living (which includes having more than two pairs of shoes: Sunday-go-to-meeting and every-day), we are able to provide the income for numerous folks who will, in turn, contribute to all sorts of worthwhile social programs to renew our Mother Earth! Yes, I do realize that there may be a fine line between Imelda Marcos and one who appreciates comfortable footwear; however, as I try to stay on the "good" side of the line, I certainly appreciate! (Have you ever considered contributing a percentage of every shoe purchased to Hope International or Mother Theresa's Missions or some such worthy cause?) God hold you all close, "in the very hollow of His hand" (an old Gaelic blessing)! Sincerely,

Di M │ 06/05/2006

Just wanted to pass along my gratitude. I have very hard to fit feet! (ww) You always have a great selection!!!!! But I am really writing to tell you how easy it is to shop with your company! Great website, quick ship, EASY, no hassel and fast returns (not to mention the GREAT, free S&H) you should be "the standard" that all other internet companies are held up against. Thanks so much! You are like my personal shoe store!!

Carol D │ 05/18/2006

Dear Sir/ Madame This is to express my sincere appreciation for your world class level of service and support. My last order was processed accuratly and delivered quickly. When I chose to return my purchase, everything was simple and smooth. I wish to assure you that I will continue to be a loyal customer at because of the professionalism of your service. Indeed I have spoken of it already with a number of friends and encouraged them to visit your site and shop there. Best of luck, and..Best Regards,

Wael A. │ 05/18/2006

Thank you for the email. This company is a great. I have given out the web site to so many of my friends. This is the first time I have ever returned something to you. So easy, The free shipping and the trust that I have in the company. Never have I got so much customer satisfaction. I have added your sight to my husbands favorites. We are running Boston and two other marathons this year alone. We go through so many sneakers, now you have made it easy for us to buy them and try them out on our treadmill. Thanks again!

Angellee D. │ 05/18/2006

Thank you. I did print out the label and I will get it the shoes to a UPS store tomorrow. It could not have been easier. I thank you. I think you are an amazing company and I will continue to use your website as often as I can. Thank you again.

Eileen │ 05/10/2006

I have never been more satisfied with any other website I have ever used!!! I did place the order again so I could be close to getting the shoes on time, and planned to return the others when they arrived. I'm sure ya'll will have no trouble crediting my account. I tell you what, with service like yours, I surely hope ya'll branch out into other commodities soon! Thanx again.

M. C │ 05/10/2006

**Zappos** *Thank you so much, I have recommended you to several friends, and will continue to do so!

Jenifer W. │ 05/09/2006

My son has been purchasing Converse sneakers and wouldn't hear of wearing anything else since he was little. (He's now 18) While searching on line for exactly what he wanted we were not able to get his size. We fell upon your site and found the PF Flyers Sandlot. The movie Sandlot has been a favorite of ours since it came out like 12 or so years ago and it was a fun thing for him to get those sneakers. He was excited to see them and give them a try. He is more than thrilled with them!!!!!!! He swears that he will never wear anything but PF Flyers again. They are very comfortable for him and they fit so well!!!! As we were searching the site I told him that I wore nothing but PF Flyers when I was a little girl. (I'm now 50) PF Flyers were the IN thing to wear at the time and ALL of us wore them way back then. We are VERY happy with our purchase and look forward to doing business with you again.

Anonymous │ 05/09/2006

Zappos, Thank you. I think you are the best site on the Internet!!!!

Kate │ 05/09/2006

I just wanted to say thanks to you guys. I and my family do a significant amount of shopping on-line and you get the best marks for working with customers. I know I spend more money with you as a result of the ease with which I can buy and return things! And...your web-site is easy to navigate. I've been to competitors' sites (your prices aren't always the best...) and they're just not as user friendly. Nor do they have the same easy processes to buy and return. Some of them try to imitate you, but you've got it down! I want to compliment your entire organization...from top management through all of the workers who make it happen! Thank you!

Beverly P. │ 05/09/2006

Happy New Year! Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the quick shipment of my shoe order. I have told many people about your web-site since and hopefully more orders will come your way. I know I'll be ordering my next pair of work shoes from you and the next and the next and the next so...Keep up the good work in 2006! Sincerely, Another Satisfied Zappos Customer

Judy S. │ 05/09/2006
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