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I just want to say your on line business has, BY FAR, the most generous, efficient and convenient return/exchange process I have ever come across. Thank you so very much for a great first time experience shopping with you. I’ll be back. Sincerely,

Sandra S. │ 11/21/2006

Hey Zappos Folks, Just wanted to let you know that your on-line shoe store is the ABSOLUTE best. There are a couple others out there on the web, but Zappos is incomparably the most user friendly of them all. From viewing and/or sorting the shoes by size and width, then putting them in the shopping cart, and then back to shopping for more, Zappos' site rocks. The return process couldn't be easier and it's really convenient. Thank you SO much Zappos for making my shoe shopping pleasurable again. I love you Zappos Folks. A customer for life,

L. B. │ 11/21/2006

I am incredibly impressed by the speed of shipping and the ease of returns. I made two orders six days ago: one on and one on another website. I received my shoes within a few days, discovered I ordered the wrong size, sent them back, and ordered a new pair. I just received my second pair of shoes from but am still waiting to receive my original order from the other website (and I had to pay for their shipping!). I am a very satisfied customer and will refer others to your site.

Anonymous │ 11/21/2006

I received my new order and the shoes fit great. I would like to compliment you and your entire organization on your customer service skills. It's a pleasure to do business with you.

Larry R. │ 11/21/2006

I love Zappos' review program. I think it's great that you send an email to remind us to write a review of the shoes we purchased, and yet you give us some time to try the shoe out first. Many websites rely on the customer to come back and write a review on their own, but I think your method is far more effective and reliable. So far I am extremely satisfied with my Zappos experience. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 11/21/2006

I could not believe my order was on my door step so soon after placing my order. Nobody else has that kind of service. You have turned me into a shoe fanatic. I love the selection - nowhere else can I find the selection that you have. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Thank you.

Joanne │ 11/21/2006

Wow! I appreciate it so much! I love the shoes, but I couldn't believe it where they started falling apart. You guys are more than helpful and I will be buying all my shoes from Zappos from now on!!!! Thanks again,

Blake H. │ 11/21/2006

Just a note to say thank you for your EXCELLENT service. A pleasure to do business with your company. You are a credit to American industry. My regards (and future business) to the owners, management and staff at Rock!!! I'll stop now before you guys get fat heads. Kudos,

Rene S. │ 11/21/2006

I wanted to express my extreme admiration for all the expert customer relations your company shows. I have been extremely pleased with the efficiency every time I come in contact with your employees and must say, it's the best company I've come in contact with in my 68 years. Zappos seems to examine each aspect and take it to its peak of efficiency. I can’t say enough compliments.

Anonymous │ 11/21/2006

Thank you again for having us. I still tell every body how impressive your operation is out there in old Henderson. From the Lunch room, ice cream, vending machine extravaganza to the awesome customer service along with Thursday night fun at the cantina. One thing is for sure you guys know how to have fun and from the looks of how successful the business is you guys also get some work done. Again I can't tell you how excited we are to be doing business with your company and look forward to having more fun in the future. Cheers, V.Z. Eyewear Sales

Boston │ 11/21/2006

Sirs: As always you service has gone above and beyond the call. My return was handled smoothly and seamlessly. There is no other place on the web I would consider by shoes from! Top notch service. Top notch products. Thanks!

Craig E │ 11/08/2006

Hello, I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how wonderful my experience was with your company! My 6 year old son has been begging for a pair of Heelys for quite some time. His 7th birthday is coming up, so we decided that they could be one of his birthday presents. I wanted to get them online because I knew that I would find a larger selection. We ended up buying him the "Torch" Heelys from your company. I was a little bit worried about receiving them before his birthday, which is October 25, because I had waited so late to order them. I placed an order with you all on October 17. I received the shoes on October 20th. Just 3 days later. I have NEVER had such quick service with any other online company! Not only did you get them here in a hurry, you gave us free shipping and your price was better than some of the other companies!!! Thank you so much for not only making my day, but now my son will get his present on his actual birthday because your company was so quick and efficient!!!! Thank You so much. We will definitely visit you all again and we will tell all of our friends about you!! Thanks Again. Cartersville, Georgia

Kimberly N │ 11/08/2006

I have buying and viewing your site for probably as long as you have been on. I LOVE ZAPPOS. Keep up the GREAT WORK. I would also like to tell you that Zappos hasn't forgotten what "CUSTOMER SERVICE" is all about like the majority of other retailers I have dealt. I am serious about that. Most people today have what we generally call an "attitude problem" and when you try to talk to them about ANYTHING they just don't have the "TIME" to give you, the customer what is due. They seem to have the attitude t hat it’s just a "tough world" and if you "don't like what they say or do" who cares. Zappos, for as long as I have been using your site, and purchasing shoes from you. Has NEVER BEEN THAT WAY. You people at Zappos need to show other retailers what "CUSTOMER SERVICE" IS ALL ABOUT. And I am talking about supposed "high end" retailers websites. Thank you, Mrs.

Carol J.B. │ 11/08/2006

I work part-time in a woman's clothing store in our local mall. Last Saturday while manning a register at the cash-wrap, a customer asked me to suggest a shoe store where I shopped. The woman behind her began to give her directions to Nordstrom, Cole-Haan, etc. When the customer turned back to see if I confirmed the suggestions, I quietly shook my head and told her that I shopped ZAPPOS exclusively. "Where is ZAPPOS?" she said aloud. With that, women at each register began telling Zappos experiences. It's a shame you couldn't have been there! For the next couple of minutes the entire check out station was filled with our customers sharing/listening to Zappos tales and writing down ""

Rebecca B │ 11/08/2006

Hello, I don't normally do this but I really felt like I had to send you guys an email thanking you and also to express how much I appreciate the Service Level that your company provides. A few months ago my friend was raving about your site so me being the self proclaimed shoe *ho* I had to check it out - and am I glad I did! Being a seasoned web shopper I have to say that the website is laid out well and not full of clutter and unnecessary flash which is something that I notice - to much "crap" on a site makes me close my browser. Plus the added bonus is that you guys are always adding new products & brands. I have only made 2 purchases so far and each time I have ended up calling the call center (both times I have had to call due to an error that I made) and the 2 reps I talked to were just fantastic. Friendly to the nth degree and helpful on top of that! I have told all of my friends to check you guys out and I will continue to do so. From a very happy customer who will be a repeat buyer for a long time.

Angela │ 11/08/2006

You guys are just amazing! I'm sure you can see from my purchase history I have ordered from Zappos many times. One only does that when one is satisfied with a company. But for an organization to go out of their way for an, obviously, already happy customer... This shows integrity so rare in the business community these days, it quite frankly caught me off guard. I am so pleased and of course will continue to use Zappos to feed my shoe obsession with even more confidence and joy. You guys rock big time! Of course now, I'm sure I've jinxed my current order :) Thanks again*

Laura B │ 11/08/2006

There is no other internet retailer as good as Zappos; and I'm always surprised at the level of customer service that you provide. But this is really above and beyond the call of duty...that you would source out another pair of these boots for me at a competitor is just so amazing, I'm flabbergasted! Thank you so very much; I have placed my order with Dillard, and I'm just so much in your debt. These boots fit like a dream, and for me, that's saying a lot, as I have such trouble finding lovely and comfortable shoes. You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! Regards,

Dolores │ 11/08/2006

Thank you so much. I really enjoy working with you. It's always a fantastic experience. Thank you again for this upgrade! I will definitely be back to buy more shoes.

Lisa │ 11/08/2006

I tell everyone I know about! The last order I placed was a pair of boots. I had ordered them from another company when I remembered to check your website. When I saw that you did carry them, I cancelled my order with the other web site and ordered them from Zappos. I love your shipping/return policy! I will always buy my shoes at! Thanks!

Elissa S │ 11/08/2006

The Bostonian shoes I recently got from you saved my life. Well, they've saved quality of life. I'm old. I've had spinal and joint arthritis for years, even wore steel arch supports, was told three years ago that immediate knee surgery was necessary (not yet). Maybe too much golf, two freeway rear-enders, bad posture, cheap shoes for most of my life, old men's white sneakers in retirement trying to walk without pain... I did ease the pain intermittently with ice packs, heating pads, mechanical massagers, and chiropractor visits, seemingly spending half my time humoring my joints, reluctantly getting my feet because it always hurt. I got a pair of Bostonian Phoenix, and what a difference! Maybe it sounds unbelievable, but somehow the support they give my feet prompts me into erect carriage and strikingly reduces vertebra drift and need for heat or massage therapy. Walking is a pleasure now. I bought two more pair, and when needed, I'll order more. They're all I wear now except when doing yard work. I really appreciate the combination leather/rubber sole vs. all-leather sole to give me firmer traction. I'll soon try another, dressier style and hope that its footpad and arch support are the same. Lakewood, CO

Bob M │ 11/08/2006

You guys are the best! I just got a message you upgraded my shipping -which is just fabulous. I'm having a hard time finding the right shoes, since I have hard to fit feet - but with your free shipping both ways policy at least I know that I will find the right pair of shoes instead of settling for something that is only so-so. I couldn't believe it, but I found somebody who hadn't heard of you and I told her she has to shop at Zappos! She hasn't found anything yet, but I know she will. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Heather R │ 11/08/2006

Dear Zappos, I just wanted to take the time and thank you for your outstanding customer service. I recently placed an order and had some shipping problems, and out of courtesy your customer service stepped up and went above and beyond the call to correct this problem and give me a credit toward my next purchase. I cannot express how thankful I am for the prompt action you took in resolving this problem; this has only strengthened my relationship and ensured my future business endeavors with you. I will also extend this story to anyone thinking about buying shoes online. Zappos is the only way to go. Thanks Much!

Morgan L │ 11/08/2006

I want to tell you what a pleasure it is shopping with you. I have never been so please with your return procedure and online shopping!! You gave me a credit immediately and didn’t wait for months to post it. I will definitely shop again!!! Thank you, , Kansas

Joyce S │ 11/08/2006

I wanted to share my experience with you. I wear a size 11 shoe which makes it hard to buy shoes. That is, until I found your site. My 10 year reunion was approaching and for the first time in my life I went to the store and bought a dress without worrying what shoes I would wear with it. Before finding this site I normally bought things that matched brown or black shoes because they are the easiest to find in my size. I ended up buying a beautiful teal dress and went on and put in my specifications. I ended up purchasing the most beautiful bronze shoe to match my dress. I even bought an evening bag to go with it from your site. Thank you for offering hard to find sizes. It has opened the fashion world up for me. I looked great at my reunion, and could not have pulled it off without your site. Thanks again!

Heather │ 10/22/2006

Once again you've exceeded my expectations. Zappos is the best shopping experience ever - both on and off line! I have the best collection of = shoes on the Delmarva Peninsula and am the envy of all my friends. Don't worry; I do share with everybody where I get my shoes. Thanks again for providing such a great selection, at great prices, with such great customer service.

Claire │ 10/09/2006
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