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Thank you!!!! This was my first time ordering on line with you, and I will have to say that I am VERY pleased with how it all went from start to finish!!! Thank you for making something so easy in this complex world!

Dave S. H. │ 11/21/2006

I would like to thank you and your company for being such a great customer service oriented organization! From now on, I am going to order my shoes only at Zappos and nowhere else. I think you have a high quality of customer services, and I would recommend you to all my friends. It's not because of the money, it's because of the attention and the respect you pay to your customers, and I really appreciate it. Thank you again! Your loyal customer,

Inessa S. │ 11/21/2006

Thank you once again for making my shopping experience so simple and pleasant. It means so much to me to know I can always find what I want here. The fast shipping amazes me and makes me wonder what everyone else is doing. They should be taking lessons on customer satisfaction from you. Thanks again,

Lou B. │ 11/21/2006

I just wanted to let your team know that I received the return label early this week and I dropped the box off for UPS this morning. I want to thank you for resolving the issue so quickly and thoughtfully. My only regret is that you did not have the shoe I wanted in stock as a replacement. After this very pleasant experience with your company I am in love with Zappos too. Your store will be the first to mind whenever I need to buy shoes. You guys are the best. Some companies talk about customer service and loyalty, but you all actually deliver and I really appreciate that. Sincerely,

Cassandra Y. │ 11/21/2006

Zappos is the absolute best customer service experience I have ever had. If you guys ever need customer testimonials, I will sing your praises any time. Thank you for making shoe shopping so much fun!

Cindy G. │ 11/21/2006

Thank you very much for the information and your professionalism... Your website is one of the best I've tried in last couple of years... Best Regards,

Gulay O. │ 11/21/2006

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I am flabbergasted by how Zappos does business. This is my third purchase from Zappos and I am just astounded that in this day and age, a company is so willing to...make me happy! I mean, in many ways, the service and prices that you have given me are practically the stuff of legend. My 2nd order was upgraded to 2nd day shipping. Just because! A nice surprise to be sure. My most recent order that I placed today was even better. Not only did your 110% price protection save me substantially, but throw in free shipping (even if I need to return an item - that is free too?!) as well as FREE 2nd day shipping?! And all of this with no questions asked! Just a yes and even, "I'm sorry they didn't have your size in stock, but I am going to go ahead and give you the price protection as a courtesy anyways." I have all ready been working on extolling your virtues to anyone that will listen to me! And let's not forget that I don't need to battle with the hordes and drones at the local mall either. Between your pricing, your customer service and your strikingly clear interest in my business, I can say one thing: I hope Zappos never goes anywhere because I am not going anywhere(else) either. Cripes, anyone who reads this would think that I am paid spokesperson or something - what can I say. Zappos really is that good and that amazing. Please keep up the good work - I am all ready looking forward to my next order! Sincerely,

Jesse S. │ 11/21/2006

I have been so pleased with Zappos service and the quality of the shoes & boots I've ordered. When I did have a little glitch in shipping of one order, you immediately made things right. How many companies rise to that level of good customer service. Hardy any- Zappos customer service level is higher than any brick and mortar store or other on line retailer. Way to go!!!

Sharon │ 11/21/2006

Thank you for your prompt delivery on my order. It was ordered as a birthday present for a grandchild. The expression of happiness on her face was enough to make a grandmother also very happy about her decision to order on line. The shoe arrived in excellent condition, the shoes were excellent quality, the fit was perfect (thanks to the guidelines and tips you provided), everything was in perfect order. I can only give praise to your product and service and would recommend this to everyone. She is enjoying the shoes immensely. Keep up the good work...Mahalo from Hawaii.

Anonymous │ 11/21/2006

Thank you so much for your help. I printed the label. I have to tell you, I do a LOT of shopping on-line and without a doubt, Zappos is THE best, easiest to use site there is. I will continue shopping with you and recommending to friends. Thanks again,

Tammy │ 11/21/2006

Dear Zappos.com, Thank you guys for sending my order so fast. Just because of that I am ordering another pair of boots!!

Anonymous │ 11/21/2006

I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful company. You have wonderful shoes for those hard to fit wide/extra wide ladies feet. Your return policy takes away all of the worry of a pair not fitting. You make everything so easy and worry free. Thank you very much!

Lee A. │ 11/21/2006

Dear Zappos Customer Service Team, I just wanted to thank you for your continued supreme quality of service. No other website has the convenience of shipping and returns at the touch of my printer key. And I really do appreciate your occasional upgrade to two day shipping although your regular shipping is just fine. I do tell all my friends and co-workers about Zappos. Please keep up the good work and I am very pleased to be your loyal customer. Sincerely,

Sue D. │ 11/21/2006

Hey I gotta tell you that my wife and I love your site. We've ordered several things over the years and your free shipping both ways ROCKS!! I love in Boston but have friends there in Shepardsville. I hope all is well.

Anonymous │ 11/21/2006

Your website set up for returns is phenomenal! I am very impressed with the level of customer service I have received from you; placing, receiving and (sadly) returning my order. I will definitely continue to do business with your company. Sincerely,

Karen H. B. │ 11/21/2006

I just want to say THANK YOU. I have such difficult feet to fit 7 or 7.5 S or SS. I have ordered numerous shoes and have had to send many back because of my fitting problem. I sincerely appreciate your service. Never once has anyone commented on my returns. I never fail to tell anyone where I purchase my beautiful shoes. You have been a remarkable find.

Ethel │ 11/21/2006

I just wanted to thank you for providing such excellent, stress-free service. I have small feet and I'm on my third (fourth? I'm losing track!) attempt to find a great shoe that fits. I feel like a dope for returning every shoe I get, but you've set up return shipping to be so fast and painless it almost feels as easy as trying shoes on in a store - which is exactly the point, I suppose. And on my last two orders, you gave me expedited shipping, as a bonus! Whatever you're doing, it's working. Count me among your new, happy and returning customers.

Laurie L. │ 11/21/2006

Your assistance was first rate, complete, speedy and on the money. Will now consider mail order for shoes as an option since I have experienced your service.

Sol J. S. │ 11/21/2006

I would like to say Thank You. You are a great company with excellent customer service and it is a pleasure to shop with Zappos.

Susan D. │ 11/21/2006

THANK YOU for your excellent service. Your on line service is excellent! I ordered these shoes during the late summer, and loved them! ONE of these shoes was accidentally left aboard a cruise ship in mid October. I tried to order them from you again as soon as we arrived home, but they were unavailable. Your on line service was able to tell me IMMEDIATELY that the shoes were not in stock. I did an on line search, and found another shoe company. I ordered the shoes from them. It took that company until 11/8 to let me know that the shoes were not in stock, and that they had cancelled my order. I emailed them, asked that I be removed from their mailing list, and told them that ZAPPOS offered much better service. Since I did not get the shoes from them, I was overjoyed to receive your email stating that the shoes were available now. Now you have emailed me and are sending my shoes in one day---WOW! Thanks from a happy, satisfied customer!

Jule J. │ 11/21/2006

No question. All I want to tell you is THANK YOU. Love the shoes, and I received them a few days ahead of schedule. I will definitely buy from you again, and I will tell my friends too.

Alisha T. │ 11/21/2006

I just want to say your on line business has, BY FAR, the most generous, efficient and convenient return/exchange process I have ever come across. Thank you so very much for a great first time experience shopping with you. I’ll be back. Sincerely,

Sandra S. │ 11/21/2006

Hey Zappos Folks, Just wanted to let you know that your on-line shoe store is the ABSOLUTE best. There are a couple others out there on the web, but Zappos is incomparably the most user friendly of them all. From viewing and/or sorting the shoes by size and width, then putting them in the shopping cart, and then back to shopping for more, Zappos' site rocks. The return process couldn't be easier and it's really convenient. Thank you SO much Zappos for making my shoe shopping pleasurable again. I love you Zappos Folks. A customer for life,

L. B. │ 11/21/2006

I am incredibly impressed by the speed of shipping and the ease of returns. I made two orders six days ago: one on Zappos.com and one on another website. I received my shoes within a few days, discovered I ordered the wrong size, sent them back, and ordered a new pair. I just received my second pair of shoes from Zappos.com but am still waiting to receive my original order from the other website (and I had to pay for their shipping!). I am a very satisfied customer and will refer others to your site.

Anonymous │ 11/21/2006

I received my new order and the shoes fit great. I would like to compliment you and your entire organization on your customer service skills. It's a pleasure to do business with you.

Larry R. │ 11/21/2006
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