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Thank you for ALWAYS exceeding my expectations. I enjoy ordering from Zappos. I am looking forward to receiving my new shoes on Monday.

Ann B. │ 09/05/2006

Dear ZAPPOS, WOW!!! You guys are incredible...I discovered you guys through my husband which works for UPS...and he said to me "I have been delivering tons of boxes from Zappos and I don't know what that company is about, but it must be good when everybody is ordering so much from them" of course I went online and next thing you know here I am ordering left and right...I have never in my life seen such quality in both service and product the times that I have contacted Zappos I get treated beyond great...Thank you for existing... I LOVE YOU ZAPPOS!!! Please don't make the mistake that companies make over and over again which is as soon as they get lots of business they boost up their prices and change everything around... everything about ZAPPOS is great!!! Funny story every time someone comes over to my house (which are usually the same people) I take out all my ZAPPOS shoes and show them off...I recommend you guys to everyone...word of mouth is the best advertising...I am ADDICTED to ZAPPOS.

Patty C. │ 09/05/2006

I attempted to purchase these shoes from the Puma store online. After five days, they notified me that the Speed Cats were not available and offered me a 20% discount on my next purchase. While my son had expressed an interest in only this shoe in this color, I returned to Puma to locate another shoe that fit his parameters. Their site had not been updated and showed this same shoe available in his size. I was reluctant to order again from that site and had nearly given up. At last, I found your site (on Google) and found the exact shoe I had ordered unsuccessfully. Not only is it available in his size, it is available in even larger sizes and your price that includes shipping is less than the Puma site. I took the online survey after placing my order, but felt strongly that the rest of the story should be told. Not only will I shop your site again, I will recommend it to others! Thank you for great service at a fair price! Sincerely,

Debi C. │ 09/05/2006

You guys there at Zappos should be part of a Harvard Business Review Case Study. I have yet to find customer service with any vendor to be even remotely close to the quality you provide. I will remain a loyal customer. .

Teresa M.S │ 09/05/2006

I just wanted to congratulate Zappos for understanding that superior customer service is the heart of business. You do an outstanding job and your approach should be the blueprint for all organizations. Thank you! Regards,

Ben E. │ 09/05/2006

Just wanted to send some positive feedback. I am most impressed with your service. Zappos is a great company. For those of us who live in areas with little to no shoe stores, you're a life-saver. I am so glad I found you on the internet! Thanks!

Sheryl C. │ 09/05/2006

I must say I am impressed with your helpfulness and thoroughness in my journey to find some sweet shoes. I will keep this kind of customer service in mind whenever I or my fellow countrymen are in need. Thank you!

Anonymous │ 09/05/2006

Gosh. I have to relay what I heard on Paul Harvey radio yesterday. A glider of some sort was catching thermal air in Europe and went above 6 miles high. A passenger jet was going lower and contacted the glider. The pilot said one word. WOW. That is what I said in reply to your nice E-Mail that you sent concerning these shoes. You looked through all your shoes and couldn't find them, so you even told me to check another place. (I had checked other place and didn't find any) Thank you and WOW.

John L. │ 09/05/2006

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is doing business with you. I ordered a pair of shoes from another online company because you didn't carry the brand I wanted. I couldn't believe how much better your service is. Thanks, I'll come back again and again.

Kim W. │ 09/05/2006

As always I have been supported by you in every step. It really is a wonderful adventure to buy through Zappos and its great Customer Loyal Team. I remain keep on buying! Kisses and Hugs,

Maria O. │ 09/05/2006

I just would like to give your company and its employee’s kudos...I ordered a pair of Pelle Moda shoes and when they arrived they were the wrong size, I called customer service and it was taken care of promptly and without hassle to me, the employee also sent out the right shoes next day air to me without charging me, due to the fact the shoes were for my son’s wedding...the staff @ Zappos Rocks!! Thanks again...P.S. I love my new shoes...

Tami M.B. │ 08/27/2006

Zappos, Thank you so much for addressing my problem with my shoes. Your company is an excellent company that obviously stands behind your products. I will definitely be doing more business with your company in the future and recommend it to friends as well. I plan on ordering a new pair of Spira shoes soon. Thanks again for your prompt, professional response. Sincerely,

Karen T │ 08/27/2006

Zappos, You guys are remarkable! I've never dealt with any company by mail that offered such amazing service. I have really skinny feet and it is difficult for me to buy shoes that I don't try on, so I seldom ever order shoes. But, from you...I shouldn't hesitate! Thanks so much. I'll buy from you again with pleasure.

Libby S │ 08/27/2006

I have only had great experiences with Zappos and will continue to be a loyal customer. I have worked in the Customer Service field for many years at Cisco Systems and have high expectations for service. Your organization is far above anyone else working in the internet retail industry. I will continue to recommend you to friends and family. Regards, =20

Paula M │ 08/27/2006

Dear Zappos, Thank you for letting me know via email that my size was in, in a boot that I had tried to order earlier this month. I ordered the boot and in record time it was at my front door. They fit perfectly and I love them. If it weren't for Zappos I would have one pair of shoes. As I wear a size 11 and cannot find anything for someone under 65 years of age in my size within 100 miles driving distance. I really appreciate the huge selection of shoes you offer in larger sizes and your fabulous shipping and return policy. I will be buying all of my shoes from Zappos and telling everyone I know about your great selection and service! The customer comment section about each shoe is also extremely helpful when shopping for shoes online. Keep up the great work and Thanks Again!

Lori │ 08/27/2006

All too often, we take too much for granted here in the US. We are very free about expressing our frustration or complaints, but never take the time to sing our praises. Perhaps it was because I purchased a pair of boots from Zappos Couture yesterday, but my new shoes arrived today right after lunch - now that's real service with a SMILE! Packed exceptionally well but I only had enough time to try on one shoe!!! Back to work. I've not used Zappos all that much in the past, but you have an exceptionally large selection to chose from, the web site works great, and you keep customers well supplied with order updates. I'm impressed with your service philosophy and wanted to take the time to say THANKS! Missoula, MT

Erling O │ 08/27/2006

I appreciate you putting your customers first. The free upgrade on a new pair of shoes is an awesome gesture, I highly appreciate it. I will most definitely tell my friends and family about ZAPPOS, it's the place for kicks and hand bags... Your prices are awesome and your customer service rocks; you’re a force to be reckoned with.... thanks again from the top the very bottom at Zappos... One happy customer...

Valentino S │ 08/27/2006

How wonderful! I no longer need to go to a shoe store to buy over priced shoes. I just counted and I have purchased 17 pairs of shoes over the past few years from Zappos. Your selection is outrageous, the website is organized so well it makes finding what I want very easy and of course the prices and free shipping both ways just puts the icing on the cake. What more could a girl ask for? Sincerely, A Shoe Lover who has found a home.

Suzanne P │ 08/27/2006

I love all of the boots I ordered....They are as beautiful as the pictures portrayed... I am very pleased not only with your service but more importantly the products... Thanks, I will be ordering more in the future...Thanks

Annie C │ 08/27/2006

Hey Folks at Zappos... Got both pairs of shoes delivered almost immediately. I thank you very much for the service, totally "amazing". I have been searching the USA for four years for these styles with no avail until I came upon Zappos... very grateful, will shop again, and recommend Zappos to everyone I know!! Thanks again!!

Archie K │ 08/27/2006

What a pleasure to do business with you! With the difficulty I have had in finding shoes that fit my feet, I am very pleased to have found Zappos. And your service has been superb. I am most grateful. Living in a small rural area--far from any large shopping area much of my shopping has to be by TV or computer. Besides that, my feet are not your normal run-of-the mill size and width. Your choices are wonderful. I have recommended you to my doctor who wears a man's size 16, and to woman friend who wears size 4. Thank you for your efficient service. Sincerely,

Leola C │ 08/27/2006

THANKYOU A BUNCH!!!!! I already told as many people I could about I am very impressed that your company is incredibly organized and downloading a return label was simple. I am sorry my boots didn't fit, but I am still going to shop with you and find them, I will come to your website for as much as I can buy, I love how professional you are. I really enjoy receiving packages so I am very excited about the mail for Monday now. Thanks again and see you at your website soon...

Gina C │ 08/27/2006

WOW You guys are totally fantastic. I have referred people to you in the past, and now I will be sure and tell everyone I know who shops online about you. I live on a remote Alaskan island and things sometimes take a few extra days to get in and out, but I will send the smaller shoes back ASAP. Unbelievable!

Claire R │ 08/27/2006

Sir or Madam, I would like to think, even nowadays in the business world of high and even higher demand, customer service is a continued learning process. I am writing you today to take the time to say that I feel you and your employees have mastered that feat. This is the third time that I have joyfully entered the Zappos domain and left, not only happy but proud that I have done business with you. Two times out of the three I have ordered my shipping was given priority delivery, and not to say that I was in dire situation to receive the shoes so quickly but it was the e-mail that you sent me shortly after I had placed my order that this was simply done because I was a Zappos customer that has ensured my, yet to come, long business history I will continue to do with you. I had called Saturday and spoke with a representative who answered my questions professionally with good humor and again was able to bring a smile to my face. She deserves a raise, for being such a sweetheart! You see, I'm from the good old days where business' still had value and integrity in how they approached the public and market. I too operate my own business and it's refreshing to see that there are still guys like you around. You made my day!!! I will refer you to everyone I know and put in good words to those who ask about Sincerely,

Ike A │ 08/27/2006

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I'm always amazed of the fast delivery and accuracy in the order. Also, it was very nice to upgrade my delivery at no extra charge. I always buy shoes at and I have never have had any problem. You have the best selection of all the shoes stores I have tried. I am very happy and glad to have found your site. Thanks,

Mrs. Roa │ 08/27/2006
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