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Thank you Zappos for absolutely exceeding my expectations every time I order! Not only do you have the most extensive shoe selection I have ever seen, your service is amazing. I would rather shop with you guys than go to a store.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

Thanks again for 1 day free delivery and having what I want! And believe me, I tell everyone about Zappos. Sincerely,

Lisa H. │ 01/29/2007

Just want to say thanks for the speedy delivery and customer service. I couldn't be more pleased and will definitely shop with Zappos in the future. Thanks,

Lisa B. │ 01/29/2007

I just want someone to know how happy you make your customers. Buying product on line is often risky or frustrating, and often you have to wait forever to receive the merchandise unless you want to pay substantially for shipping. With Zappos, that is NEVER the case. You guys are the only on line shoe store I would buy from, and it's because of your terrific selection, your competitive prices, your excellent return policy, and your expedited shipping practices. Checking my email this morning to find that the shoes I ordered last night will be delivered today just made me want to buy another pair of shoes from you! Thank you,

Cara M. │ 01/29/2007

I recently ordered a pair of shoes, that I saw in a store, which didn't have my size. I found your web site randomly. Not only was I glad to have found them but the shopping experience will keep me as a customer. They arrived in mint condition(carefully wrapped in the box) and delivery was quick. The free shipping was a real and appreciated bonus! Your return policy is equally hassle free! I usually order items on-line as a last resort but in this case I will probably check your site first, when I need shoes. Thank you,

Joanne V. │ 01/29/2007

Dear Zappos Customer Service: I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service. Yesterday at about 3 pm CST I placed an order for a pair of Columbia boots. Not only did I get the usual free shipping, but I was able to take advantage of Columbia's special offer on free express shipping. I kid you not, my boots arrived on my door step about 20 minutes ago, only 22 hours after I ordered them! Due to the recent snow in the Midwest, I've been trying to find a new pair of boots. I shopped at two shoe warehouses in our area, but found a very limited selection. Then I remembered Zappos and checked out the amazing number of boots you have in stock and on sale! (I could kick myself for not looking there first). My boots fit great and were reasonably priced. Add to that the lightening speed by which they were delivered and you have a very satisfied customer! Thank You!

Theresa R. │ 01/29/2007

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU. We could not find Heelys in my son's size in our town. We ordered them from you last night at 7:30. I told him they would be here maybe Wednesday. When we got home from school this afternoon, there they were. You really made a little boy VERY happy. All of his friends have them. Now he can skate with them. Thanks again,

Shirley C. │ 01/29/2007

I was just very thrilled with Zappos. I placed an order yesterday for 2-day shipping and when I checked my email the shoes had been delivered. The shoes were on his front porch waiting for his son, who was just as happy as I was. I will be doing business with this company again, and I just wanted to THANK EVERYONE at THANK YOU!!!

Douglas │ 01/29/2007

I was impressed with the ease of placing an order for my son's soccer shoes and the price was better than your competitors. It was a very nice added bonus that free 2 day shipping happened to be included on the item I wanted. However, I was completely amazed when the shoes were delivered to my house in Oregon only nineteen hours later!! Fantastic! I'm sure this is not the norm but you systems obviously work very smoothly. Thank you so much. I was really concerned that the shoes would not turn up in time for my son's first game with his new team. Now he even has time to break them in before the game. I shall look for opportunities to buy from you again. Thank you.

Paul D. │ 01/29/2007

Wow. The shoes arrived today. This has been the best buy I have made on the net. Fast shipping and fast customer service. I will definitely buy again from Zappos. Thanks for honoring the lower price.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

One more time: You guys are awesome!! I ordered these boots LAST NIGHT and got them TODAY!!! I am shocked and VERY pleasantly surprised. For now on, I will ONLY shop at Zappos for my on line shoe purchases and I am definitely going to spread the word. Thanks so much!

Desiree L. │ 01/29/2007

This is my first time ordering from Zappos and I just have to say that I am blown away by your pricing, free shipping both ways and unbelievable turn around time. You have made it so easy to order I feel sure I will be ordering more products from you! Thank you for offering the most user friendly way to buy shoes!

Julie K. │ 01/29/2007

Dear Zappos, Thought you would like to hear from a very satisfied customer. I shop a lot on-line and really appreciate the way you handle business. The purchasing is easy, but what really impressed me was the ease of your returns. Plus, you don't charge for return shipping, which can sometimes be substantial. Please know that I will definitely purchase from you again, and will also pass the word on to all my friends. Thanks Again,

Chirleen M. │ 01/29/2007

I don't have a question or a problem - I just wanted to say THANK YOU! No matter what kind of shoes I need - whether I'm looking for flip-flops, work shoes, or even the perfect shoe for my wedding, I'm always able to find it at Zappos! Your search tools make it so easy to find just what I'm looking for. Your selection is amazing, and your customer service is the best I've found. Every time I've placed an order, it's been shipped super quickly - and for free! It's great to see a company that sells quality merchandise at competitive prices, and that cares enough about it's customers to offer free shipping all the time. Thanks again.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

In less than three weeks, I have order 2 purses from your site. I received the first in two days and the second the next day! I am shopping for accessories from you only. I do not need to go to the standing stores. And, both purses were less expensive than if I were to buy them at stores. The truth is I do not even think I could find either of my purchases unless I spent weeks walking through malls. Thanks again,

Liz │ 01/29/2007

I would just like to say this was my first transaction with Zappos and it was wonderful. You were the only place around To have these shoes in stock, got them to me in less than 2 days, Then once I found out I had to return them, you made that=20 Effortless and you pay for shipping...this is unheard of! I will do my entire shoe shopping with Zappos!! Thank you! MBH Settlement Group

Pam R. │ 01/29/2007

Thank you for EXCEPTIONAL customer service. I ordered the shoes late last night (9-10PM) and I came home for lunch today and there they were!!!!! WOW!! I have already told several people about my experience with I have gone from a prospect to a customer (someone who bought something) to a client (someone who will buy all of my shoes from you). Thank You!

Lennie │ 01/29/2007

Wow. I can't tell you how impressed I have been with your service. I have only purchased shoes twice on line and both times have been with Zappos. You have the inventory and I get the product fast which is important to me. The free shipping is also huge. It was nice to receive an email expediting my order. I'm not a big online purchaser because it feels like I'm just one of a thousand customers. Tonight's email was a pleasant surprise. I will recommend you to others.

Rhonda L. │ 01/29/2007

To Whom It May Concern: I just want to thank the people at Zappos. I ordered shoes on Monday, and originally had the free 2-day shipping, but I got upgraded to 1-day shipping, and they were on my feet on Tuesday. And I didn't pay a dime extra. Now THAT is real customer service. I haven't seen anything like that in a long time not to mention, my shoes are AWESOME. True to color, and size. I love them. Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate it. In a world where people do not hesitate to complain about something, I felt I needed to praise about Zappos! ~ Lawton, Oklahoma

Stephanie │ 01/29/2007

Thank you very much - I am so impressed with your company - I've been telling everybody about you - I am a living commercial. The size 8 1/2 Stuart Weitzman Surround fits well. So I will send back the size 9.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

The shoes I ordered for my son were out of stock at my local store and my son wanted them so badly. I found them on your site and they were $6.00 cheaper. I could not believe it till I opened the box and found the shoes I ordered the day before! It was like a miracle. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I will order from Zappos again! A very satisfied customer. I will tell all of my friends to order from Zappos.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

I would like to thank you for the gorgeous shoes and wonderful service and delivery. I have ordered 8 pairs of shoes since Friday evening (3 pair Friday...5 pair on Monday) ...and they have all arrived (This is Tuesday)... all fit...and I am so pleased. You have a great website and it is sooooooo much easier than going to the shoe store or department store. Since they have so few workers at department stores these days....internet shopping is just easier. I have seen thing I liked so often and my size was not available. When I looked at my choices on your site...there were about 5000 pairs in my size even when I was more specific about what I wanted. I am now ready for spring...and likely fall also. I will hurry and wear some out so I can do this again some time. Thanks again. Great shipping deal! I would have never ordered so many without that shipping and return option.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

I love you, Zappos! I am in love with you! I ordered a pair of shoes yesterday, and they've already arrived. I had been wanting them since last summer.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

Oh my gosh, thank you so very much. You guys are the world’s best… what a team you have going there. I love to shop with you. I love to call in and actually have friendly people who like talking to me and love their job. I love your products, your attention to detail and the fastest shipping and everything else and more about your company. You truly are the best… in product, service, and with the care you give to your customers… thanks again.

Kathy K. │ 01/29/2007

Just want to add a comment to let you know how much I enjoy shopping at My shoes are always shipped right out, returns are easy to do, and I love the free shipping both ways! I tell everyone I know about shopping at Zappos and tell them to try it! Thanks again! Bakersfield, CA

Kathy S. │ 01/29/2007
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