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Most times we only take the time to contact companies when we have a problem. I believe in giving equal time when stores get it right. I had to take a moment out to tell you how great you are. I love your website; especially your multi-view. It's about as close as you can get to touching the merchandise when you can't do so. And your service is the best I have ever experienced. I placed my order on Thursday and received it on Friday. Can't ask for better than that. You're on my favorites list forever. Thanks Zappos!

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

To whom it may concern thank you for your prompt service. I had never ordered items from the Internet for fear of product quality. Today I can say that fear has left, due to the experience that I had with Zappos. The quality of the Heelys are excellent, they look great and have a comfortable fit. Tonight I am anticipating on making another purchase. Thank you.

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

I absolutely never write letters to companies but I had to communicate back to Zappos and let you know how much I LOVE this company. You guys completely have it together and make purchasing on line so easy. This is how all on line purchasing should be! I'm forever a customer.

Krystal B. │ 02/05/2007

You guys are welcome. I gotta say I think you have the most helpful and courteous staff...I've found some nice shoes with you and I will definitely shop with you again. Thanks for the convenience and the free shipping and handling. I know that you went outta your way for me and this return...having UPS pick up my return because I don't have a car. THANK YOU VERY MUCH...I really appreciate this. Good business...great staff! Sincerely,

Melissa G. │ 02/05/2007

I think I may have fallen in love with your website. I find myself thinking about it when I'm not on it, dreaming about browsing it's endless pages of shoes, glorious, wonderful SHOES! And, just when I think I can't be more amazed by your selection, I realize YOU HAVE PRANA CLOTHES! Oh, Zappos, you're like a Prince on a White Horse. Do you sell glass slippers too?

Elisa W. │ 02/05/2007

Hello, I just wanted to thank-you for such a great experience with Zappos. I had ordered my daughter Ugg boots for Christmas (12/3) from another dealer. Well, to make a long story short. We never got them! I paid in full and got the biggest run around of a lifetime. I ordered from you and got them at my door in a few days. Now I have a daughter who is soo thrilled. Just wanted to give you a positive feedback. In life we hear too many negatives. Me and my now happy daughter Thank-You!

Susan │ 02/05/2007

HELLO THERE!! I'm sure no one is really gonna read this but I'm gonna go for it anyway. I just wanted to say that shopping at Zappos is AMAZING!!! FREE SHIPPING?!?!?!??! WHO DOES THAT?!? I ordered sneakers on a Saturday night and I had them on my feet on Monday. Are you serious?!?! Unbelievable! So I came back for more. I just purchased another pair of sneakers and I can't wait to get them. Zappos is awesome. Thanks. One happy customer,

Shaun W. │ 02/05/2007

I have received all the information I need to return the shoes we bought recently. I would like to take a moment and thank you for being such a wonderful company. From the moment I called your company on last Sat night at midnight until this moment, I have had a completely pleasurable experience. The customer relations are outstanding. The process to purchase and return items is outstanding. I will not hesitate to buy online or over the phone from your store again.

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

Truthfully, when I got off the phone with your company last Saturday night, I told my son we would order the shoes he wanted but I was wary about it being a scam because the representative I spoke with was too nice. I had not heard of Zappos.com before this and all the information I was told and that was on your web site seemed too good to be true. I actually couldn't believe that a legitimate company would be as nice, accommodating and everything be so easy. I was wrong. It is nice to know that there are still company's out there (and on the web) that are as helpful and nice as yours. I was also surprised how quick we received the shoes. Forgive me for going overboard a little on the praise but I have not had such a pleasant experience ordering from any other company on the web and I'm a still a little in shock. In fact, I think I will insist to my son that this is the only place he can buy his shoes online. Thanks for being great!!!

Jane F. │ 02/05/2007

I just wanted to say I am very pleased with your online store as well as with your fast shipping and service. You always have wonderful deals with great prices. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be purchasing from your company a lot more often. Thank you very much.

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

Everything I read at your site was right on. I ordered my sandals at around 2:00 p.m. cst. one day and I received them the very next day. I have never experienced service like that in my life. I’m so impressed I can't think of anything else to say other than thank you.

Ed │ 02/05/2007

Your service is truly outstanding!! I ordered a pair of sneakers yesterday, and today at noon they were at my door...and, with no delivery charge! Your service, price and product make it a pleasure to do business with you!

Gretta M. │ 02/05/2007

A friend recommended your site to me, as my feet are such a difficult size that shoe shopping takes forever, makes me feel ugly, and generally yields two or three horrible choices. I put it off as long as possible, and when I find a pair of great shoes, I wear them until they fall apart. Zappos is AWESOME! WE LOVE ZAPPOS!

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

Well first off I would like to let you know you are responsible for an amazing website. No other can compete with your excellent services. Your shipping and policies are unbelievable and I love your site. You make it tremendously easy and user friendly and your return policy is phenomenal. Thank you for your services you are the best and I think everyone should know. Keep doing the good work and I love you guys!!!!

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

I have & will continue recommending you to everyone. Thank you for superb service & prompt delivery. My husband is truly enjoying his UGGs. I will be ordering more shoes very soon now that I see how well you treat customers & how important repeat business is to your facility. Wonderful Job, Excellent Service. Please let your district manager or GM know they have a great customer relations policy & will be around for years at that rate!!!!! Completely Satisfied,

Debbie H. │ 02/05/2007

I wish to express my sincere thank you and appreciation for your unrivaled service. I received my shipment in less than 24 hrs. after posting my order. I was most impressed. It was indeed a privilege doing business with you. Wishing You All the Very Best. Most Sincerely Yours,

Yvonne G. │ 02/05/2007

Outstanding Service! This was my fist time placing an order with Zappos. I placed my order on Tuesday and my shoes were on my doorstep Thursday. I was stunned to say the least. Great Job Zappos!

Vicki W. │ 02/05/2007

Oh my god! You all have the most wonderful amazing customer service ever! God bless you all at Zappos.com. I can’t believe how fast you all make shopping so easy and making us consumers feel safe and you are so reliable to us!!! I never get such service like that anywhere!! Not like this! Thank you! You all deserve big fat raises for such great customer service. Especially a certain customer service representative who went out of her way to find my Ugg Cargo boots that were in high demand but Zappos was sold out. Zappos you will always have me as a regular “loyal” shopper here! Thank you from me...

Lila M. │ 02/05/2007

Last week I went onto your site to place my first order. My college daughter really wanted a pair of chestnut Mini Uggs in size 9. You did not have any in her size. The person at your company who I spoke with actually searched and found a "competitor" who had her size. When I told her how unusual and happy I was that she would rather have my daughter have what she really wanted and lose a sale than to have her unhappy, I was very impressed. I did order the shoes from the other site and she is thrilled with the product. Now I had to purchase the repellent to protect them. I went on your site last night and in less than 24 hrs she received the product, probably within 12 hrs of having placed the order over the phone! My daughter could not believe the product arrived so soon-she was not going to even check her mailbox. I had been told the item would be there in 3 days- with free shipping which all the sites DO NOT offer for small orders- and you surpassed that timeframe by 2 ½ days! We will continue to order through this site and tell our friends of the wonderful customer service and timeliness you provide. P.S. As soon as you get the Ugg conditioner and cleaning product in stock, I will order it.

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

I've ordered twice from you and want to tell you how impressed I am with your shoes...I have wide feet and there's no one that caters to the wide foot...thank God for you...you have a new customer...just wanted to let you know...thanks.

Lynne H. │ 02/05/2007

I placed my first order with your company yesterday and look forward to receiving my shoes later today. I wanted to write you and tell you what a great experience I have had so far. I also want you to know I never take the time to give a company feedback--even if it's negative--so, this is a first, too.

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

I am always of the belief that "no news is good news." but I had to write and express how impressed both I and my husband are with your service. Our son has wide feet (He is 4 1/2 and wears size 13W). We live in a small town that has one shoe store and only ONE shoe in wide sizes. To get to another store we would have to drive 45 miles each way. Thankfully we found your website on a Google search and could not believe the amount of shoes you carry. We ordered some Stride Rites and they were $38.00. Not $38.00 plus Tax, Shipping and Handling. Just $38.00! Incredible. I am not exaggerating when I say that we may never buy shoes in a store again.

Anonymous │ 02/05/2007

Thank you, and your entire staff, for an incredible on line shopping experience! and Dan M.

Joyce │ 02/05/2007

Dear Customer Service: I just wanted to say I have never ordered from a company who is easier to deal with than Zappos. I wear a very small size shoe and was a little hesitant to order because of having to return the size that doesn't fit. However, your service and return policy made it so easy. I will definitely be ordering again! The selection of shoes is outstanding. Thank you for excellent service.

Terry M. │ 02/05/2007

The refund had just been posted on my account, its was a real pleasure to shop with you, I will let my friends know about it, it was the first time that I used my visa to shop on line. And your services are impeccable, I congratulate you for it. Sincerely,

Odette P. │ 02/05/2007
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