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Hi! We just cannot say enough good things about Zappos! This company is so awesome. Your service is outstanding and your response time is beyond amazing especially when one considers what a large operation you have going constantly. We are extremely pleased with the two items we have ordered from you. One, a pair of red converse high-tops for our 12 year old daughter for Christmas (she was thrilled and so were we). And two, a pair of Timberland slip on boots for my husband. The quality, comfort and fit are like custom made shoes. They fit him as if they were made just for his feet! They are so comfortable that he wants to live in them. We did need to use your free return service as the first pair of boots were 1/2 size too large. My husband was hesitant about returning them for fear of either not receiving the same boot again or that it would take weeks to refund the money and then have the replacement pair sent out after you received the return. Zappos sent out our new order the same day I called and said we needed to return the first pair! No waiting until you received the return and no double charge to my account either. The 2nd pair of his favorite shoes he has ever had in his life of 43 years arrived in 4 days of my phone call! Amazing! We are telling everyone about you. Your great service, product, customer relations, and unbeatable pricing. LONG LIVE ZAPPOS THE GREAT! Thank you for everything, sincerely a new loyal customer.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

I couldn't be happier with the Heelys that I purchased for my granddaughter for Christmas. You had the right color and size. Other sites didn't have either. My granddaughter loved them! If we would have let her, she would have slept in them. She wore them everywhere, the mall, grocery store, etc. They were shipped promptly and were received in plenty of time before Christmas. I ordered a pair for my grandson from a sporting goods store on-line ( before I discovered your site) and I was getting worried about them getting here before Christmas, they did arrive the day before Christmas Eve, but I don't think I will order from them again. I will definitely order from your site in the future! Thanks for the great service!

Maryann C. │ 01/19/2007

I love Zappos. I have to really think a company is great to shop with them and especially on line or through a catalog because I am I confess, quite particular about details and I also like to help the little guys, I hate wasting paper and getting stuff in the mail, in my dream world I would be able to trade apples from my garden with the couturier town cobbler. I have neither a garden nor do I know of couturier cobbler who would take apples in trade but alas there is Zappos that makes an effort to have large shoes( more size 12 narrow please) with some lovely folks to help you pick them out I happened to have the same sales person for my order today as I did the very first time I called. She was as helpful and funny as she was the first time I called and even remembered who I was. The other times I called I spoke to some of your other amazing real life people. Kudos to Zappos for excellent customer service and personable, helpful people. I think about leaving SF but worry about not finding shoes. I hope you will continue to expand your selection of gigantic supply sized shoes so that I can buy more shoes from you. SF is a tough city to date in- perhaps you could help Cinderella’s sister with more shoes so she could venture off into the great big world, find a great guy and maybe even get pregnant without having to be barefoot? Better hurry, I just had another birthday and if I have kids I would prefer twins or less no triplets or quadruplets for me. (If you are triplet or quadruplet or from an even larger birth, please give your Mother my best and let me know what she eats for breakfast) Okay so I am being a bit dramatic but there is quite a bit of truth to all this, and fashion can change peoples lives and hopefully if when your buyer is scratching his or her chin, pondering a big foot purchase, there will be a little seed of yes planted, especially in the flat and low heeled category, perhaps even stylish and comfortable, all in one, shoe. Thank you Zappos! I can't wait for my boots and hope 2007 is a great year for the company and its fine folks.

Anonymous │ 01/19/2007

I just have to applaud you - you have one of the best web sites ever, super efficient staff, everything is just excellent. A lot of the other major web sites should learn from yours. Just excellent in all aspects. Thanks so much and I will definitely recommend your site to all of my friends. What a pleasure to do business (and even returns) with!!!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Hello. I just want to thank "Zappos" for outstanding service on all my orders. It is a pleasure to do business with you. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Just wanted to write you guys a quick note thanking you for great service. You're very accommodating and it's a pleasure doing business with such a professional outfit.

John S. │ 01/12/2007

I wore my new Type Z red and black platform heels twice. Each time I received numerous comments and I began to rave about Zappos. Some are aware of your company, but have never tuned in, while others are astounded that I would buy shoes on line. When I explain the ease of shopping with Zappos they're ready! Last night I was shopping in a small boutique in Ft Lauderdale and the owner admired my shoes. She thought they were Pradas. I told her where I bought them and she said she would have to have them. I got her on line and made you a "favorite" on her computer. What fun! In a world full of bad stuff it is great to have the opportunity for fun and it's good to know that there are businesses that pride themselves in providing excellent customer service. I think your concept of customer first is just great but, sadly, unique to our retail world. I will enthusiastically remain a customer and sing your praises. Tonight is New Years Eve and I will be wearing Zappos. I know that I will l get positive attention to my shoes and will turn on others to the world of Zappos. I hope that you will continue to make your customers happy. Thanks, Zappos!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

I would like to thank you for making my shopping experience a delightful one. This is the first year I consider Internet shopping and was reluctant to take a chance to order so close to Christmas. You provided outstanding service. I will certainly count on your organization in the future for my shopping needs. Thanks Again,

Jackie M. │ 01/12/2007

I am more than glad to inform you that for the past 10+ years I have been ordering PUMA'S for my son every Christmas. Because his foot will not accept any other brand (Ha! Ha! Ha!). I can always count on YOU for the right thing at the right time. YOU have NEVER failed with any ORDER that I received from YOU. You have NEVER been LATE. YOU have NEVER sent the WRONG ITEM. I know that I am a minor customer; but, I am one that I know through RAIN, SNOW, PROTESTS, STRIKES, STORMS, STRIKES, ETC,. (Ha! Ha! Ha!) YOU HAVE COME THROUGH FOR ME. THANKS, ONE OF YOUR LITTLE ELVES,

JEANIE │ 01/12/2007

I just ordered Uggs for the first time. The Classic Talls were just what I hoped they would be. I also ordered a pair for my mother hoping she would wear them. She also loved them. Ordering from Zappos was a great and easy time. They were at my home within days. Which is great at the holiday time. I will be ordering again from Zappos and another pair of Uggs for myself.

Karen │ 01/12/2007

You guys are so great! Thanks for making the return and exchange process so simple and efficient. I've never had such great customer service from any on line service; your staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for providing great products with great service. I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends. Thanks again! Keep up the great work! Sandy

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

Thank you! I love Zappos! I don't ever walk into shoe stores anymore since finding this website. You are also so much more efficient than other shoe websites. I tried them once and it was a painful experience. Never again! Only Zappos!

Lilian │ 01/12/2007

I love the product but even better than the shoes...your online order was THE ONLY ORDER we received in time for Christmas. Thank you so much for having something for me to place under the Christmas tree for my girls. Thank you for the terrific customer service. PS: the Heelys are enormously fun! Gratefully,

Helen L. │ 01/12/2007

I just wanted to tell others what a great company this truly is. Over the X-mas holiday season, someone broke into my car and stole a lot of X-mas gifts and returns. I tried to recall everything I had. I called Zappos and explained to them what happened, they we're very understanding. Thank You very much!!! January~2007

Antoinette │ 01/12/2007

I have enjoyed shopping Zappos online and, although I have returned a few items, I have kept and been very satisfied with many more. I'm telling my friends & family about your terrific website and, especially, your return policy.....they can't believe you pay the shipping....no reason to ever go to the mall again! , RN, Health Insurance Specialist CMS, DHHS Division of Survey & Certification S&C Operations Branch

Elizabeth J. │ 01/12/2007

To whom it may concern, The customer service assistance I received from the Zappos team has been phenomenal. All of my further online shoe-shopping business will be brought to Zappos. Thank you very much! Sincerely,

Aaron S. │ 01/12/2007

First of all, I would like to wish you a happy New Year. As for the review regarding the services I received from your company, I must say that your team, starting with those who advised me via phone and the dispatch group are simply awesome! One of your techies who manned the phone in my first call played a significant role in helping me make the right decision at the right time. Your online tracking system is fabulous. I was impressed with the speed with which you posted my order for on-line confirmation and tracking. When it comes to the delivery date, indeed, you kept your words as advertised. I received the merchandise right on time. Although this was my first experience with your company, I guarantee you that it will not be the last. First impression lasts; in your case in a very positive way! Keep up the good work! Thanks,

Yene │ 01/12/2007

I have completed a substantial amount of shopping through the Internet over the years, but never have I dealt with such a cooperative, pleasant, helpful company such as yours. My orders were delivered more quickly than I could even imagine, exchanges because of size were handled graciously, pleasantly and expeditiously. Zappos operators were the most caring, helpful and courteous I have ever communicated with concerning exchanges, etc. Thank you for allowing my granddaughter and me to have such an agreeable experience as we searched for boots which would fit her, which has not been easy because of recent surgery on her leg. This satisfactory service included any communication on the Internet, which involved frequent emails from your company advising us of the progress of our order. Thank you again.

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

I ordered a pair of Harley Davidson "Mayhem" motorcycle boots yesterday @ 2:30 p.m. EST, and they were on my doorstep in no time at all! INCREDIBLE! Oh and did I mention the shipping was free!!! I have purchased boots from your company twice now and both times were and absolute pleasure. You are by far the best company I have ever dealt with on or off the Internet. I don't know how you managed the quick free delivery right here at Christmas, but some how you did and I really appreciate it. Again, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I plan to purchase ALL of my boots from you in the future, and have already been spreading the news about your company to all of my friends. Thank you very much! And Happy Holidays to you all;

Timmy W. │ 01/12/2007

Dear customer service at Zappos and the entire Zappos team, Thank you so much for your help!!! My little brother bought himself the classic slip-on Vans, charcoal size 7.5 with my account and my mom’s credit card last week. When he received them this week, they fit him too exact. I told him I would take care of it and get him 8.5 size shoes. I called the Zappos 1-800 number on the 20th and told the gentleman if I could return the shoes and get them in size 8.5 instead. He told me that usually you have to make another order and just return the first order but since it is the holiday, he was going to go ahead and just ship the shoes and if I could return the original within two weeks. I already had the shoes in the box with the prepaid label ready when I called so I had them shipped that same day. Amazingly my little brother received the new shoe order so quickly! I am very pleased and amazed at the great service as well as the great speed that Zappos works with. This is the 4th order I have made with Zappos and I have been happy with each of them (even the speed at which I was refunded for the Pumas we did not keep). I always mention Zappos to family and friends who speak of getting new shoes or need shoes urgently for a wedding or other special event. Keep up the good work and I will surly keep buying from you guys whether it is soccer, casual or dress shoes I need!!! Thanks again an I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! With much Love and care,

Oscar M. │ 01/12/2007

Thank you for such speedy delivery!! I never thought I would receive this so quickly. You have made Christmas shopping so much easier. I would definitely choose your company over others in the future based on the excellent service Happy Holidays!

Janice B. │ 01/12/2007

Hello. I just wanted to THANK YOU!!! You all are wonderful. I tried to order a pair of shoes for my daughter at the end of Nov. or beginning of Dec. and they were out of stock. I clicked on the part to ask you all to notify me when you got some in. You did. I got an email this week. I think it was Tues. I didn't' expect the shoes in time for Christmas and it was no big deal. I wasn't upset at all and she needed new shoes and I was glad she was getting them. The shoes were on my doorstep yesterday. I was so surprised and HAPPY. That was so nice of you all to get them here before Christmas. She will be so excited. She didn't think she would get them before Christmas either. Thank you for all you did to make this happen. Sincerely,

Rosanne J. │ 01/12/2007

I have placed two orders with Zappos. The first one had to be returned. I was so pleased with the speed in which you let me know that the order had been received. And that my account would be credited... I then placed my second order... Arrived quickly. Loved the shoes... I sure will be doing all of my shoe shopping with Zappos from now on. AND will tell all of my friends and co-workers about your company and what great service! Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

This has been one of most positive shopping experiences I have EVER had on line. I am amazed at how quickly and efficiently Zappos sent an exchange even before I returned the item for the exchange. I will recommend Zappos.com to everyone I know who shops on line. Kudos to Zappos.com!

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007

This was the first time I ordered from your website. I needed some Heelys for my sons and boy did they come fast! You guys have the best prices too! I hope they fit but even if they don't your free shipping both ways is a great relief off my mind. I'll definitely be shopping for more items on your website. Great Job!!! Bernadette P. Columbia Station, OH

Anonymous │ 01/12/2007
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