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I actually was searching for a comment card of sorts on your website but didn't find anything. Your staff has been incredibly helpful and friendly in this whole shoe mix-up. From start to finish, your customer service representatives have made doing business with Zappos a delight. Even though there was a mix up, I never felt agitated or frustrated at all. Since I am in the military, stationed in Germany, it is a true blessing to find such a great company, like Zappos, that is easy and a joy to shop from. Thank you for all your patience and kindness!

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

Hi to everyone on staff! I would like to thank you for the awesome experience I have had with you in the short time since I have located you via e-mail. I was a little nervous about ordering online… but you have made my experience more than acceptable! You are the most friendly, professional company I have come across yet, so I wanted to again thank you for the trust you have given me in your company and I plan to do much more business with you in the future! I will also let everyone know how wonderful you all are, and encourage them to also do their shopping with you… Sincerely,

Kelly L. │ 01/29/2007

All I can say is you guys are the LEADERS in customer service!!!! I have been ordering from you for several years now and have been nothing short of overjoyed, but this week further proves my point. Sequence of events: 1/24 - Shoes.com order (early a.m.) 1/25 - Shoes.com shipment confirmation 1/26 - Hoping order will arrive on 1/29 (paid for 2-day air on "Wednesday" but didn't actually ship until Thursday) 1/25 - Zappos.com order (late a.m.) 1/25 - Zappos.com shipment confirmation 1/26 - Zappos.com order DELIVERED!! (FREE SHIPPING) 'Nuff said!! Now if there was a way I could receive notification whenever you received new shipments in my shoe size I'd NEVER have to look elsewhere (wishful thinking). From a woman who LOVES beautiful shoes but HATES Department Store/Mall shopping, keep doing what you do. I'm LOVIN IT!

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

Thank you for impeccable service, you are true to your word about returns, with no problems. I have bought several pairs of shoes from you, and have been very satisfied; this was the first time something didn't work out. What a pleasure to do business with so reliable a company, you can be sure I will be ordering more items in the future, and will pass the word along about your great service, and return policy. Thank you again.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

Hey there, I just wanted to say congratulations on exceeding my expectations once again with your speed of service. Each order I place with Zappos seems to show up faster. Thanks for keeping up the leadership in the online shopping experience.

Scott M. │ 01/29/2007

Thank you for letting me know that you received my return. I am enjoying my slippers that I had ordered in a smaller size. Once again, I want to tell you how impressed I am with your company. Your customer service is excellent, and I will be one of your customers from now on. This was my first dealing with Zappos. I have already spread the good word about you. Thanks again. I will check my credit card account in about two weeks to be sure it was credited.

Joan S. │ 01/29/2007

I just wanted to say that, once again, we are completely amazed by your customer service. I ordered shoes for my son last night at about 11pm and received them today just after noon. Wow! They fit, he is very happy, and I am delighted with you all over again. Let me say that I am a Telephone Customer Service Representative for a very large on line retailer and I can only dream about working for a company that functions as well as Zappos. If you ever need a good CSR, let me know! Thank you. You make shipping fun again!

Marie W. │ 01/29/2007

You guys are awesome. I have never been so impressed with an on line company. I created my order at about 9:30 pm, and my shoes still arrived before 2:00 pm the next day! I order a lot of stuff on line and this is unheard of. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Corey O. │ 01/29/2007

I cannot believe your stupendously fabulous customer service!!!! I am already wearing my new MBT's in the correct size! That is thanks to your company shipping them overnight air! I am still pinching myself because another "famous" croc of a company has had my return since 1/2/2007 and still has not processed the refund nor the reorder correctly!!!! I suggested that they take a page from YOUR customer service book! You have my business for certain!

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

OW!!! You are amazing...I placed this order at what? Around 6 pm on Thursday...You confirmed at 8:20 and shipped at 1:38 AM...Do you people not sleep??? Then, when I arrive home from work on Friday at 4:10 pm the shoes are on my doorstep! Simply incredible!!! You are truly awesome!! Seriously, you will forever be my internet ordering company!!! Oh, by the way, love the shoes!!!

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

I've never ordered from your site before, but one of my friends said it was fantastic. After looking for a certain pair of shoes I wanted desperately, my boyfriend begged me to just buy them on line. He couldn't handle anymore show stores. Even Puma's website didn't have what I was looking for, but you did! It was a good price, and what I really can't believe is that you got them to Northern Wisconsin the next day. I placed this order around 8:30 or 9! Thanks so much!

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

I just wanted to send a warm little note expressing my appreciation for such a wonderful company! If Zappos.com were flesh and blood--he or she would be the best partner ever! Reliable, prompt, attentive, money-savy and kind! You guys are the best! Un beso grande! Your loyal customer~ Karissa M.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

Thank you. I figured it out and was able to make a label on my own. Your website is fantastic... kudos to the creator. It is about as "user friendly" as one could expect.

Teresa C. │ 01/29/2007

Dear Zappos.com. You have just won over a customer. I ordered shoes from my son on Thursday at 9am. He was wearing them by 4pm on Friday. I am completely amazed! BTW, this was after waiting nearly 2 weeks for an order from Shoes.com, and they sent my son an infant size when I ordered youth. Zappos wins :)

Anonymous │ 01/29/2007

I love Zappos. I have to really think a company is great to shop with them and especially online or through a catalog because I am I confess, quite particular about details and I also like to help the little guys, I hate wasting paper and getting stuff in the mail, in my dream world I would be able to trade apples from my garden with the couturier town cobbler. I have neither a garden nor do I know of a couturier cobbler who would take apples in trade but alas there is Zappos that makes an effort to have large shoes (more size 12 narrow please) with some lovely folks to help you pick them out.

Anonymous │ 01/22/2007

I happened to have the same sales person for my order today as I did the very first time I called. She was as helpful and funny as she was the first time I called and even remembered who I was...The other times I called I spoke to some of your other amazing real life people. Kudos to Zappos for excellent customer service and personable, helpful people.

Anonymous │ 01/22/2007

I am totally blown away by your service! I placed this order yesterday - on a Sunday - on line - but couldn't figure out how to order expedited service (which I really needed because of an unexpected business trip to Canada coming up Thursday and living in Florida I had no boots!) So I called customer service. Your rep said since I was her first customer of the day I would get next day service for free for arrival Wed. – which was wonderful enough. But then to find the package here today - after ordering on Sunday morning - well, that's just too good to be true. I have time to walk around (on carpet) to be sure both pairs work - and so far I know one does at least. Anyway I had to write right away to express by appreciation. What incredible service - you have a customer for life! (I'm currently looking for Sofft Seville in black in 8.5 W - and hope you get it in soon). Thanks SO very much again.

RM │ 01/22/2007

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service we received with regard to the Heelys. When I first wrote, I was just hoping to get a different pair of wheels. What a surprise to open my email the next day and find several emails from Zappos responding to my email and advising me of a replacement. Sure enough, we received the replacement THE VERY NEXT DAY. And this time, the wheels snapped right in. We will be sending back the original pair this week. Your customer service has wildly exceeded my expectations. Whatever I can do to send business your way, I will! Thank you very much.

Anonymous │ 01/22/2007

I just wanted to let you know how well pleased I am with the service and the product that I ordered. The service was outstanding!! I placed the order and within 3 days I had received it. And it brought joy to my child who was awaiting the arrival of his Heelys. As for the product itself, I am fully satisfied. It was just what I expected. It fit perfect and is being used well. Again, thanks.

Pamela G. │ 01/22/2007

Thank you for handling my order in such a prompt and efficient way. Just the way you acknowledged my e-mail was amazing. Not to mention that your price for the Lacoste Snowflake boots was less than every other vendor; with no shipping charge. Wow, I am impressed with you. You now have a loyal customer. Keep up the good work!!!!! I know my child will love the boots.

Debra H. │ 01/22/2007

Thank you for your quick shipping and return and excellent customer service. I have already told friends how pleased I was with your online company.

Anonymous │ 01/22/2007

Now I have a tough time shopping for shoes. I just have a hard time "pulling the trigger" with all the choices. So when my wife told me how happy she was with the process of buying from Zappos, I thought I should try it for myself, and I did. Last night when I came home from work, I pulled into my driveway, walked up to the gate, looking forward to my wonderful new shoes. Well what I saw made me sick. My dogs who have never touched any packages in the past, had seemingly had a great time tearing the Zappos box apart, and EATEN one of the brand new shoes! Well not the whole shoe but it was missing one side, the tongue most of the lining, and the lace. Now, I know my dogs like to chew things, but nothing like this had happened in the past. Of course this could not have been foreseen by anyone at Zappos, and I should have foreseen it. Even with this, when I called today to see if I could get anything done, Not really holding much hope, I was shocked to hear that Zappos was going to replace my order. This level of service is so rare today, and so very important to this service based economy that we in America find ourselves in. Thank you for the experience. And thank you for having the sort of policies that all companies need to embrace if they want to win in today's market. Zappos obviously holds to the philosophy of "promise much and deliver more." I will be buying all my shoes at Zappos from now on!

Michael I. P. │ 01/22/2007

I just wanted to tell you that I am so pleased with the level of quickness and politeness I have received from your customer service department... Your staff is so nice and friendly I am just so happy with all of you. I have been saying nothing but good things about your company to ALL of my friends and family... I look forward to doing business with you again - SOON!! Sincerely,

Christine G. │ 01/22/2007

Thank you for making my shopping experience with your company so awesome! I was so happy with the ease of the return policy that I ended up getting the same pair in the correct size for my husband and getting a pair for myself also! The free shipping and free return is just wonderful! I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future and I have passed on the good word to many of my friends and family. Sincerely,

Loriann P. │ 01/22/2007

I read all of your testimonials as I shopped, and thought, "There is no way that they are THAT great...!"...Well with my primary purchase received with a free shipping upgrade that got the shoes to me in a few days...with a national holiday besides!!!! I am blown away and I am your newest converted customer. Thanks ever so much for that ancient practice of "Customer Service!"

Anonymous │ 01/22/2007
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