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I love Zappos! Your corporate model, at least from the point of view of the customer, is fantastic!

Royce │ 09/07/2016

I love my new shoes! Thank you so much for being an awesome company! You were the first package at our new home. Thank you!

Colleen │ 08/26/2016

Thank you for being so great to work with. Zappos is my favorite company to purchase from online. It's nice to know that there are still company's out there that have great customer service.

Tori │ 08/26/2016

I have done a lot of online shopping and this was my first time with you...all I have to say is this was the best I have ever had... I am 150% satisfied and wish other companies were as great as you...thank you for wonderful service!

Heather │ 08/26/2016

I am completely impressed by your company, the outstanding service you offer and the product selection. Thank you so much! You're company has really perfected a culture of happy employees and outstanding service. You go above and beyond. Thanks again and have a great evening. It's almost 8pm here in Chicago, so we're winding the day down. I love Las Vegas!

Joelle │ 08/26/2016

Thanks! You guys are the best!

Rebecca │ 08/26/2016

Got my order and it was fine. Just wanted to say thanks for the "I'm not box" box. Trying to decide which grandchild to share it with. Very clever. I'll probably be back just cause of the box.

George │ 08/26/2016

Can I tell you that I find your company extremely efficient and accommodating. Although this order did not work out due to no fault of Zappos, I am definitely a fan and I will absolutely be back to do business with your amazing company. Thank you for your great customer service!

Astrid │ 08/26/2016

Love dealing with you! Always the best service. And, you crack me up.

Claire │ 08/18/2016

Greetings Zappos. I love you.

Jake │ 08/18/2016

I broke my ankle about a year ago, and I would not have made it through walking again without Zappos! I’ve had to try on shoe after shoe, while not walking to get them! You are the best!

Virginia │ 08/18/2016

I always enjoy shopping with Zappos. Their customer service is second to none. Service representatives are friendly, helpful and pleasant to work with. I recommend them to anyone that is shoe shopping.

Phyllis │ 08/18/2016

Thank you, and I am thrilled with how easy it was to make this return! You guys have amazing customer service. So refreshing!

Lindsey │ 08/18/2016

I received my robe today and love it! Thank you for the fast delivery!

Barb │ 08/18/2016

Thank you so much! You're the best online shop ever!

Caselyn │ 08/18/2016

I appreciate everything about Zappos. User friendly site, quick delivery, free returns, etc. There is nothing you could do to improve, because you are perfect! Thank you!

Barbara │ 08/18/2016

I wanted you all to know how easy it was for me to return and exchange items simply by clicking on the order in my shipping confirmation email and how cemented I am as a Zappos customer. Just so you know I recommend you all to everyone!

Andrea │ 08/18/2016

You guys are the best! You have a great selection of merchandise all the brands I love Lilly Pulitzer, Tommy Bahama, Coach, Clarks, and more. Your free shipping is better than any other retailer especially with next day, two day, three day shipping. Other sites offer free shipping, but none are as fast as you. And only a few others offer free returns on all items. Thank you so much for your incredible service.

Leslie │ 08/18/2016

Love the new fit thanks for your wonderful service by the way my 1st Berkie’s!

Jeanne │ 08/18/2016

Love love love Zappos!! I will always shop with you.

Lynda │ 08/18/2016

She loves us, the customer service is excellent, we got her the new shoes really fast and she appreciated how easy we made the exchange process. She said she is going to tell everyone about us and we have made a customer for life.

Vanessa │ 08/18/2016

You absolutely have the best customer service in its finest in the world. Ordered my sandals and got it the following day. Thank you so much! To your continued success and I salute all of you.

Ann │ 08/18/2016

Wow, Thank you for the email. I heard you were a great company to do business with. Sorry about the returns but I want you know I will order again for sure. The heels were great they just didn’t match the one dress I had bought them for very well.

Annamarie │ 08/18/2016

Zappos has a wonderful customer service department! I am very thankful for them!

Susan │ 08/18/2016

I would like to Thank You very very much for allowing me to purchase and return shoes that do not work for me, I have really bad joints and a really bad foot, doctors have talked to me about surgery however that is not in my future, every so often I find a pair of shoes that work for me, and it is great when I do, but more often than not I end up sending them back, I appreciate Zappos because it is very hard for me to go shopping locally, and again I think you for all your understanding and Help.

Carol │ 08/18/2016
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