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You guys are the best. I worked with Helen on a first time price match. Your customer service is second to none. You're always my first stop when shoe shopping!

Anthony │ 02/23/2016

I have always had a great and pleasant experience chatting with your employees. They are funny and I have never met an unhappy employee. How do they stay so happy all the time? But, they are always professional and ready to give you the help you need!!! I am always happy to deal with you all. I looked everywhere for navy blue patent leather flats, well no one had wide. So I immediately turned to. ZAPPOS for the help I needed. First I spoke with Kelli, who would guess we used to live so close to each other and both had surgery that the cold and rain makes you want to scream. Then I spoke with someone else who was just as nice, she had surgery too. So we all had something in common pain and swelling. Well I'm stuck here in Pittsburgh Pa in the cold and rain, while you guy's bask in the sun. Ah, that's why you’re happy. Then I received a surprise gift, well talk about shock. You’ve got a great group of employees. Thank you all so much for being such a great team!! !

Barbara │ 02/23/2016

Zappos’ customer service is fabulous.

Christine │ 02/23/2016

I just want to let you know that your customer service is outstanding. I accidentally ordered the wrong size shoes for my wife. I was bummed they were the wrong size and they were to be her Christmas gift (the only gift I could afford). I really wanted to see her have something nice when we went to see the family. I did the return thinking they would be here after the holiday but they weren't. They got here xmas eve night. I guess fed ex was on overdrive just like the elves... Just wanted to say thanks to the elves for that xmas miracle ;) My wife loves them.

Daniel │ 02/23/2016

I have to take a moment to say - what incredible customer service. The day I processed the return, I immediately ordered the correct size of the UGG (it was a Christmas gift). I was blown away - I did this about 5:30pm on December 23 - the new order of UGGs was received on 12/24 - in time for Christmas! I could NOT believe it - you saved me! So very, very, very impressed. I have always had a great relationship with Zappos - I told everyone at work about the great customer service and expedition of my new order. I love you guys!

Jacqueline │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to thank you for your great service. Your free shipping back and forth takes the pressure off of shopping for shoes. It took 4 tries to find the right tall boot this season and the same last year when shopping for a comfortable shoe boot for work. I am forever a loyal customer!

Geri │ 02/23/2016

Thanks for the email telling me that my return had been received and my money put back on my card. Great customer service. I had already re-ordered a larger sized UGG boots for my great-niece. She looks completely adorable in them. They arrived so fast! I love me some Zappos. As I said in the subject line.....You rock! Thanks for making the whole process a wonderful experience. Thanks for everything.

Sharon │ 02/23/2016

Just wanted to tell you that I love Zappos.... Great service, easy access, wonderful products. I never worry because I know you'll always come through, thank you for your commitment to excellence. (Cute sense of humor as well)

Sue │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for Zappos' customer service. This is my first time ordering from your company and based on this experience, and compared to experience with certain other big companies, I will definitely be shopping with Zappos again and again. Thanks for the ease and grace with which you handled my defective order.

Lauren │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to send a quick message to say thanks for the great customer service! I sent in a pretty odd request, and I appreciate that Zappos went out of the way to try to get me these boots in the right size. However, it looks like the boots simply don't work for my feet in any size. Just wanted to send a message to resolve this issue and explain why I was returning the boot. Thanks again!

Angela │ 02/23/2016

Thank you Zappos - Love your company. Cute email about thru the woods to grandma's house :)

Katheen │ 02/23/2016

Thank you for such great customer service and positive experience! My daughter in law loves her new boots.

Lynette │ 02/23/2016

Good grief! You all continue to provide the best customer service in the business! Thanks so much. I also love the Harry Potter series. Lev Grossman’s “The Magicians” series is pretty good too. Thanks so much, and have a great week!

Benjamin │ 02/23/2016

Thank you!!! It was very refreshing to have my return so simplified! I'm very impressed with your customer service and you can be assured that Zappos will always be my first stop when shoe shopping online! And I will sing your praises to everyone I know!!!

Connie │ 02/23/2016

Just wanted to say thank you for being a retailer who gets it done right, not only the first time, but every time! Dealing with some knuckle heads from another company, when I see my order from you guys pop up as shipped, which was like less than 10 hours ago! I've heard you guys run things differently at zappos. Whatever you're doing, it results in awesome on the customer’s side of it!

Cary │ 02/23/2016

I ordered snow boots yesterday afternoon for my daughter since we are supposed to get 2 feet of snow in the Washington DC area. The boots arrived by noon today and she loves them! You are amazing! A big huge thank you to all of you!

Alice │ 02/23/2016

Unfortunately, we have never met. I've never purchased anything from Zappos, but that is the exact reason why I am writing today. I plan on it. Because of your Customer Service. I've been doing CS for over 10 years. I've had many jobs where I was learning and growing within the industry. I've done worked in Collections, for a foster care licensing agency and most recently have been working in a manufacturing environment retailing to the public. I thought that my CS skills were good enough, always stayed polite to customers on the phone, grammatically proper when writing on LifeChat and responded to emails promptly. I feel like we can relate to each other because of the industry. Well, I first heard of Zappos three years ago when my boss told us about a CSR of yours whom stayed on the phone for their entire shift, helping this old woman. Hmm, that could have been my elderly Grandma--- I started to think about it. That CSR taught me patience, wow. A ton of patience, stop- slow down, listen, relate and gain respect of my customer... I try to hold myself to your standards which are stories that I've only heard of. The simple act of kindness that are used as examples are relateable and so impactful. You have gained a supporter and I owe my own little professional success to your influential stories. So, with that-- keep me coming, you all are my mentors... I hope you have a wonderful day.

Kristi │ 02/23/2016

I was just listening to HIS radio here in NC which is a Christian radio station and heard the story of a young lady that had ordered her husband a pair of shoes from you but received the wrong order. I was so impressed and moved by your response in handling this I had to write to you to say "your company values, compassion and integrity rock”!!!! She said that when she contacted customer service they told her to keep the shoes and they would send her the correct pair ordered :) She stated that she didn't need the wrong pair that was received so she decided to give them to someone that was in need since they had recently experienced the devastating 100 year flood. She stated that when you heard of what she did you not only sent her the correct order you sent blankets to give to the community in need:) God smiles on you for using your business to bless others in recognizing and showing compassion for the needy. Because of this and this lady sharing this amazing story on radio your company will be blessed greatly through possible many orders from radio listeners in a large area :)

Carolyn │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to take a minute to thank your company for being so giving and awesome (more than what I already thought I just heard on his radio in Raleigh NC about what Zappos did for a community in need by sending blankets and a sweet note to a customer that had received the wrong shoes when she told your company that she was going to donate the wrong shoes to someone in need. What a great story and I will be sharing this with my friends and family! Awesome job and its companies like yours that make America great! Thank you!!

Lori │ 02/23/2016

I am writing about a recent return, which was a Christmas gift for my daughter. We traveled for Christmas and had to pack up all of our gifts with our regular clothes and such from our vacation. I had to return the boots following Christmas and our vacation. I was not aware that my daughter had placed her sweater and scarf in the shoebox to save packing space. I never opened the shoebox, and just shipped it back to you for the return. Evidently, you discovered the items and instead of them being thrown out or lost in space, you sent them back to us. For free? Wow. We loved Zappos before, but wow. That is truly above and beyond any customer service I have ever received and I want to say thank you!

Nicole │ 02/23/2016

I love you. Zappos should manage the world.

Nancy │ 02/23/2016

I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you all at Zappos for this and other amazing customer service interactions I've had with your company. So many other companies could and should learn from Zappos on how to deal with customers. Once again, thank you! I look forward to many more dealings with Zappos.

Jamie │ 02/23/2016

I just wanted to write and tell you thank you for your amazing customer service. My grandmother lives in Missouri and I live in Georgia and one day she found a picture of a pair of shoes that she really wanted. After much searching I found them on your website. I placed the order and had them sent to her. After they were delivered she opened them excitedly and tried them on, but they did not fit. I was trying to explain to her how to return them and exchange for a different size, but that is difficult to do over the phone. So she decided to call customer service to ask what would be the easiest way to exchange them. She called me yesterday after she got off of the phone to let me know about what a great experience she had and the wonderful lady that she had spoken with. She told her how to return her shoes and that she would be sending my grandmother the right size. That really made her day!!! Thank you!! I will definitely be ordering from Zappos again!!!

Dawn │ 02/23/2016

My zappos surprise! Vera Radley Camofloral Tote and wallet. I truly was surprise!!! Thank you for your outstanding customer service… Maybe you guys could school a few other companies.

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016

Thank you so much Zappos and your wonderful employees. Believe me these are so appreciated. My granddaughter is almost 12 and I made a promise to her at birth to always make sure she was well shod. Thank you Zappos for helping me and my family! Every company should be like you. My granddaughter is now a shoe fanatic and I so look forward to doing business with you in the further. I have been with you for many years and thank you so much again!

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016
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