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It's all good, still love Zappos the most.

Alice │ 04/21/2015

Thank you. You are a very convenient company to do business with. I have ordered 2 pair of Birkenstocks since then and they are great. I hope to continue doing business with you in the future.

Teresa │ 04/21/2015

I just would like to thank you for being so easy to work with. Every time I order something it delivers quickly and when I ever need to return or exchange an item it is never an issue. Thanks again and I will continue to order from you in the future!

Barbara │ 04/21/2015

I just wanted to take the time to say that Zappos' customer service is awesome, outstanding and second to none other!! You sell quality products and I am proud to shop with you!! Please keep providing excellent service and I will continue shopping with you!!

Wanda │ 04/21/2015

Hey Zappos, you guys are the best. Fast deliveries, actually mind-boggling in my book. Easy returns. Always find what I want, might take a couple of tries but you always come through. Pat yourself on the back. Can't imagine what you can do to get better. (Well, free shoes would be better, but c'mon). Why aren't other business taking notes. Love you guys, loyal customer forever. I always tell all my friends. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!!!!

Scott │ 04/21/2015

Yay, the new ones fit! You folks have been great - I have received excellent customer service and you went the extra mile in trying until we got the right fit. I am recommending you to many people.

Priscilla │ 04/21/2015

I received this order and I love the shoes! I have long skinny feet and the shoes FIT! WooHoo!

Sherry │ 04/15/2015

Thank you! You guys have THE best customer service!

Michael │ 04/15/2015

Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

Dolores │ 04/15/2015

Hi, I just wanted each and everyone knows at Zappos, that i give you 5 stars out of 5. I am really always happy to buy merchandise from you. Along with the joke of the day, your service, professionalism, courtesy, policies etc. etc. have made me a loyal customer. Zappos is always my first choice. Thank you all.

Salim │ 04/15/2015

Zappos is top in customer service. We were in Nevada last month and found out Zappos does a lot for the community. All the residences want to work for them.

Anonymous │ 04/14/2015

We’ve been using Zappos for a long time and we're ALWAYS so pleased. This time my son is in the hospital and wanted some new shoes to cheer him up. Ordered yesterday-delivered today. Thank you so much. You all are the best.

Steven │ 04/13/2015

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. You guys shipped back my flip flops from Aldo that mistakenly went in my returns box. Just wanted to say thank you again. Zappos has ALWAYS been great and just wanted to say thank you for going the extra mile.

Tietjen │ 04/13/2015

called to “complain” about how fantastic our service is and about how we have no salt water and how often we use the letter “Z”. Also to “complain” about a customer service rep and how she was so helpful and generous and issued a refund.

Randy │ 04/13/2015

I just wanted to say thank you for sending the shoes so quickly. My Mom got the shoes at her home in Arizona yesterday. Thank you very much! Perfect timing as they are leaving our winter home in Arizona in a day and I’m driving home to Canada in two days. I am very impressed with your customer service. You have all been so helpful. I will continue to shop with you in the future for shoes for myself and my young family.

Linda │ 04/13/2015

WOW! ZAPPOS is great! Fast delivery, easy returns, great shoes! THANKS

Dixie │ 04/07/2015

Thank you. You made the return process so easy! Have a good day and I plan to shop with Zappos again in the future.

Christina │ 04/07/2015

Thank you so much!!! By the way, it is such a pleasure to see that your company allows its people to "be themselves" when interacting with customers.... & show your personality. That is a refreshing change, compared to the typical "form letter" type responses from other companies! I really enjoyed you sharing the information about your name (lovely!). Please share with your manager, my comments....& how much i appreciate the superb level of service that you folks always provide, both via email & on the phone. Great service goes a long way. Thank you!!!

Anonymous │ 04/07/2015

Thank you so very much! Your company is wonderful. I have told all of my co-workers about you expediting the shipping for my niece and they were all extremely impressed. I truly appreciate it! I will be using your company from now on for all of my online shopping needs!

Anonymous │ 04/07/2015

Who says customer service is dead? Not only can we reach a live person online, but we can on the phone and email, as well. If it is something I can order from Zappos I will go to you first because of the friendly, fun, and efficient service. I got a pair of shoes that was defective and the next day a replacement was on my porch. Awesome! And I love the shoes. Thank you for standing out in an ever increasing automated world.

Shirley │ 04/07/2015

Melissa was really nice and knowledgeable. She made the process easy.

Gitta │ 04/07/2015

Sara does a great Customer Service job. said Sara was friendly, supportive and informative.

Wendy │ 04/07/2015

Sunshine is Awesome!! She didn’t believe me when I told her Sunshine was still in training. She said she would have never guessed cause she knew her stuff. Sunshine made her more excited about her 1st Zappos order.

Aja │ 04/07/2015

I have bought a lot of shoes from these guys over the years and they always deliver quickly and exchanges are no hassle, no problem. They may charge a little extra, but it's so worth the few dollars more! I bought a pair of shoes on some other site and they didn't fit but it cost me $26 to return them!!! Not with Zappos.... these people know how to run an online store.

Alice │ 03/24/2015

Thanks, Zappos! It's been a joy to shop at Zappos for 10 years now. Zappos has the best customer service of any business I've EVER dealt with, online or bricks and mortar, period. I love you guys, and my feet love you.

Mary G. │ 02/23/2015
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