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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Zappos, for being my "go to" for shopping. I enjoy my shopping with you so much. I can shop when I want, where I want, and how I want. (Usually, early in the morning or late at night in my PJs on my iPad or iPhone when stores are closed and without the pressure of closing time or other shoppers getting the merchandise that I want!)?Thank you for transforming how I shop and meeting my needs as a person who works past most stores' closing times during the weekdays and who doesn't want to spend her weekends shopping. Thank you for not judging the amount that I purchase and return. Thank you for introducing me to great new brands like Seychelles and l Jeans!

Sarah C. │ 06/30/2014

A piece of my shoe broke, so I called to see what could be done and ended up have the easiest, most wonderful experience! Thank you for making it super easy! I will always shop Zappos first now!

Elisa M. │ 06/30/2014

I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU. I broke my leg a few months ago and the Zappos team has been amazing in helping me buy some new shoes without the hassle of going to the store on crutches. I've acquired new sneakers to wear to physical therapy (Asics gel equation) and new supportive flats to wear to the office and my sister's graduation (Ahnu Karma). The customer service team has been incredibly helpful and friendly, never making me feel guilty about a return or exchange. Returns and exchanges have been incredibly quick and convenient. And the joke of the day never fails to elicit a chuckle. You've made a very loyal customer out of me. I can't thank you all enough and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do and what a difference it has made for me.

Rikki T. │ 06/23/2014

Wow!!!! You folks are right up there with LL Bean for superior customer service! You made the process to find and try the proper fit for walking shoes for a senior citizen living in a senior facility who no longer drives (ME) so easy with over-the-top speed of delivery and easy, cost-free returns that I will certainly return to Zappos for future purchases! My credit card was credited immediately … I was pleasantly amazed as it, too, helps my budget by protecting my cash flow.

Mary B. │ 06/23/2014

Just a thank you to all of you for your kindness as I have been trying to figure out the best pair of running shoes. I am now very happy and there will be no more returns. I promise. Everyone on your staff is so kind, patient and polite. Thank you all for the quality customer service. Other companies should take a page from your book.

Kathleen L. │ 06/23/2014

To make a long story short, I had a few mishaps in ordering a pair of boots lately. Despite a few mistakes from Zappos, I had the most EXTRAORDINARY service along the way! I even received a hand-written thank you card (and credit) from Rebekah in Las Vegas, which was entirely unexpected! I can't say enough about the superior quality of service, kindness and efficiency of Zappos. Despite getting the wrong order twice, I will ALWAYS turn to Zappos first because of the first-rate help I received in fixing the problems.

Melanie U. │ 06/23/2014

Zappos, I just want to tell you how awesome your service is! From the (too) easy order process, to the returns/exchanges, to the phone customer service line, you have exceeded my expectations of an online retailer, and that's not easy to do! I worked in retail for 15 years at one of the US's largest retailers, and so I take shopping very seriously! All of my orders have either been received on or before their estimated arrival date. The few times I needed to make a return (online) or exchange (over the phone) have been not only easy to do, but welcome. You don't make me feel like a bad person for returning something that I didn't end up liking (which some other stores do). The one time I was shipped an incorrect color, your customer service department was so apologetic and offered me an account credit for compensation. Amazing! As someone who just moved from a huge city to a small Midwestern town, I can tell you that I will absolutely be doing more online shopping and making Zappos my regular source.

Jill S. │ 06/14/2014

Just a quick thank you for your amazing customer service. A special thank you goes out to Shayna L. who knew I was taking care of back to back terminally ill parents for years and sent me a lovely bouquet of sunflowers to brighten my day . . . made me cry it was so nice. You are the best!!!

Jeanne B. │ 06/14/2014

Your customer service is excellent!!!! Not to mention I have already received my even exchange for my Timberlands within two days of original return. I will be a frequent customer for these reasons: 1. Promptness?2. Your kindness of e-mails I receive 3. Over and above customer service.?Please forward my letter of appreciation to corporate. I will not shop anywhere else for my particular work-required needs at O'Hare. I will be happy to inform all my coworkers as well. Keep up the outstanding teamwork!

Brooke J. │ 06/14/2014

Just wanted to say I really appreciate the friendliness and easiness concerning all parts of my transaction.

Deidre C. │ 06/14/2014

I have used Zappos for several shoe purchases over the last few years now. I always feel like I get the best prices, service, and fast delivery that I could ask for, not to mention a great selection of shoes. I have a Zappos VIP account, and I could not be happier with all of the deals I find and how easy the site is to maneuver around. I just wanted to let everyone on the Zappos team know that I very much appreciate your efforts and will continue to shop with you far into the future because of the great service I receive. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work!

Marcus H. │ 06/14/2014

I work in the airline business. My company is one of the few airlines that is known for outstanding customer service, so I am always happy when I run into a company that is focused on the service they provide to their customers. It is rare to find "customer service” anywhere. I'm always surprised when I am on the receiving end. In dealing with Zappos last week I was surprised and very pleased with the service I received. ?I just wanted to commend you for making my transaction with Zappos the best online service I've experienced. I have ordered from you in the past and have always been pleased with the service and product. This time, I needed a larger size so I had to exchange the shoes I had purchased. I needed them quickly, so I immediately called to reorder expecting to be charged again and credited when you received the return. First, I was shocked to actually speak to someone, who was respectful and polite; second surprised he offered to ship out the correct size prior to receiving my exchange; and third he sent me a return postage label so I had no shipping charges at all. My final surprise was the following day my shoes arrived. Thank you for a great online purchase experience. I will definitely order again.

Pam D. │ 06/14/2014

You are thee most wonderful company, people, entire staff/team I have ever, in my 80 odd years, dealt with. So terrific are you that I'm just writing to you as if you were a personal friend . . . which you are!!! Zappos for president, for congress, for the way to run the country!

Ann A. │ 06/14/2014

Not sure if this is the appropriate venue, but I must give some positive feedback on your extraordinary customer service . . . as well as your website. At 10 p.m. last night, after laboriously searching for and successfully ordering two pairs of shoes from my cellphone no less (computer died recently), I immediately received a WAHOO e-mail from Zappos and felt like someone had reached out to pat me on the back. Such a small thing, but I laughed out loud. Not my first experience with the awesome Zappos, but I did want to share. Most want only to broadcast complaints, but it's even more important to recognize businesses and their people who routinely perform well above and beyond!!! XOXOX Zappos team.

Roberta G. │ 06/14/2014

Hello! I don't have a “problem” tonight but wanted to take a second to tell you how a-MAZING I think Zappos is! I ordered a pair of earrings earlier this week and they came looking kinda funny. The post was in the wrong place and they just looked weird. I contacted you to see if I could exchange them or if I should reorder a new pair and your customer service rep said to discard the damaged pair and a new pair would be sent out. I got the new pair today and they are perfect. :) I just wanted to say thank you for trusting me and shipping a new pair out so quickly. You guys are awesome and all my friends, family (and people on the street), know how amazing you guys are!!!!

Heather V. │ 06/14/2014

It's a beautiful day in Binghamton!! I got notification of refund, thank you. But more importantly, I want to thank Zappos for being Zapppos! I have really hard to fit feet and can buy nothing locally. Binghamton is too small of a city to have a variety of shoes in wides. Zappos is tremendous because it brings the store to me!!! I can try on a lot of shoes, and trust me, I usually try 8-10 pairs before I find one pair that fits and return the ones that don't fit—big pause—for free!! Holy cow! Saves me gas and running around to the one or two places that might carry wide shoes. So, thanks for being part of the Zappos team.

Anne G. │ 06/09/2014

First off, I love your site. You guys have taken the hassle out of online shopping, period. Great brands, styles, fits, everything. I must sound like a Zappos ad. I like the videos you post so that people can see what the items will look like on them. VERY HELPFUL.

David B. │ 06/09/2014

How often do you hear good news about your work and/or service? Well that's exactly what I want to share right now. As a VIP with Zappos, I really appreciate the quick, accurate, reliable service that is provided once I have placed an order. I have told countless friends and family that if you want quick, reliable service Zappos is the place to place your order. If I can share one thing, please stop shipping in those boxes that have your name plastered all over it!!!! You are putting my ordering business all on FRONT STREET with those boxes! Everything else is ALL GOOD. Thanks!

Julie G. │ 05/27/2014

Thank you! You guys are truly fabulous! You should also teach classes for ALL other online retailers and teach them how EASY it is to make a customer happy! Gotta go now ... Need to go shop at your site!

Deborah R. │ 05/27/2014

OK, so do you guys realize that you are spoiling me? In a world where bad customer service is the norm and NO customer service is a common occurrence, Zappos actually sends me a $15 credit toward a future order because one of the five pairs of shoes I ordered isn't really available. I knew full well that I was only going to keep one pair when I ordered all those. But, rather than guess on sizes and send something back and wait for another pair to arrive, I order multiples at once. Yes, I would have liked to have tried on that unavailable pair, but to be perfectly honest, right now I couldn't even describe those shoes! I am taking advantage of you—do you realize that? Yes, you might charge a dollar or two more than I might find the same shoes somewhere else (but not always), I'm really only paying that extra for the shoes I keep instead of paying shipping both ways everywhere else. And now you reward me for that? I tell everyone who will listen how wonderful you are. And, your selection can't be beat anywhere else. Keep up the great work. Thanks for spoiling me. No one else does! In fact, you are making it harder on all other retailers (probably your plan all along).

Diane J. │ 05/27/2014

My daughter loves these Chucks! The original shipment had two left shoes, but as soon as we contacted Zappos! , a new pair was delivered the next day. The staff was courteous, efficient and even quite witty! Awesome, awesome customer service; we are customers for life!

Anonymous from Grapevine, TX │ 05/23/2014

So I would never respond to an automatic e-mail. I am a well educated—an attorney—and am not the weepy sentimental type, and I don't even know if this response will go anywhere. But I had to tell you that your "anniversary" e-mail this morning brought back some great memories. The first time I used Zappos, if I remember correctly, was when my dad was visiting, and he and my mother needed new shoes. He had health problems and it took us a couple of tries to get the right size. You sent the replacements before we even sent back the original shoes. And I remember that he called to thank you, and him talking to one of your reps and they were laughing like old friends. But he did think you were a bit crazy for the free shipping and sending more than one pair at once. We have since lost my dad, and I miss him very much. Thanks for the memories, as Bob Hope would say! Have a great day.

Wanda B. │ 05/19/2014

I just wanted to let you know that my daughters and I love Zappo's. Your merchandise is of the highest quality and the service you provide is excellent. You outshine every other online company and it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Lainee K. from Millwood, NY │ 05/19/2014

Just wanted to say thank you!!!!! Zappos is nothing but TOP NOTCH in my book. All my orders in the future will go through Zappos, because your customer service/service is over the top with excellence. I've told everyone I know in the Ironman sport my experience with Zappos and recommended all of them to you. Not only did you take care of me with the shoes and my issues, Zappos went a step futher and sent me a card signed from several people on staff wishing me luck in my Ironman adventure this year. THAT'S EXCELLENCE! Wish I had a Zappos tri kit, I swear I would wear it to promote you guys. Please share this with all your staff, they are amazing!

John B. from DICKSON, TN │ 05/19/2014

Just wanted to say THANKS for being such a great company. I seriously LOVE Zappos. Great product selection, amazing service, the nicest, most helpful customer support. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!

Joe G. from Austin, TX │ 05/19/2014
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