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I have had so many bad experiences with companies these days. Bad products and poor customer service BUT Zappos always comes through. I have hard to fit feet and they deliver quick service offer free shipping both ways with no minimum purchase. The one time the shoes did not arrive the next day they gave them to me free! Not a discount - although that would have been fine and I would have been thrilled with that but FREE! Now who does that these days. Customer for life.

Anonymous │ 01/20/2017

Although disappointed with not being able to exchange my desired shoe for a smaller size, your team member was accommodating and pleasant.

Jane │ 01/20/2017

I just completed the requested survey you sent me...but I want you to know, the reason I shop primarily at Zappos is because...of SHOES! The awesome selection The ease in ordering AND free returns!! The other areas of purchasing I honestly have not considered...when I want to check shoes/boots I automatically go to...Zappos!

Beverly │ 01/20/2017

Just a quick note to say, your return process, quick delivery on items and even your emails make we want to continue purchasing from your site. Superb customer service! Thank you!

Karla │ 01/20/2017

Thank you!

Julie │ 01/20/2017

Thank you Zappos! Your customer service is second to none! You are the best. That is why you have so many loyal customers - including me!

Patti │ 01/19/2017

Good morning- I just wanted to send a thank you to Zappos. I've been struggling with finding the right style and size for a shoe. I've purchased and and then returned several times from you. I completely appreciate the selection, speedy delivery and free returns. It's like going to the store without needing to leave the house. I'm confidant that I've found a pair and couldn't be more excited. Have a good day and again, thank you!!!

Katelynn │ 01/19/2017

I luv this app! This is so cool! Just a friendly note to pass along!

Joe │ 01/19/2017

You guys really have the best customer service ever. Thank you and I will donate this pair to a person in need.

Bridget │ 01/19/2017

I think the word amazing is so over used - it's meaning is diluted, lost, so I avoid it at all cost. However, with regard to my orders and how quickly the exchange was processed I have to say you guys are AH-MAZING!!! Your customer service is unmatched! I will continue to be a loyal customer and gladly share my experiences with others. Zappos ROCKS!

Judith │ 01/19/2017

Thank you SO MUCH!!! You are the BEST!!

Meghann │ 01/19/2017

Hello Zappos! My husband is a human unicorn piñata for Halloween this year. He used Zappos boxes to create the costume. I will be dressing at the bday girl and will get the pleasure of hitting him with a bat. Hahaa. Our 5 and 2 years old girls are also in on the theme with their costumes too. What do you do with your Zappos box? Zappos- think outside the box Haha just brainstorming for your new advertising call.

Laurie │ 01/09/2017

Just wanted to thank you again, a great company to deal with and great prices. I will definitely be shopping in the future.

Randall │ 10/10/2016

Wow!!! Thank you so much! I thought this was a hoax, but I am wearing my new sandals today! Thanks you Zappos! I am always window shopping, and have not left you!

Myrddin │ 10/10/2016

Thank you! How do you do it? Your orders are arriving in almost 12 hours after I place them. Sort of miraculous. My daughter's required uniform shoes for school arrived so fast. And then she found out they didn't fit. So I ordered the replacement pair last night around 8:30 pm est, and they arrived on my front porch this morning at 10:20? Just wow. Thank you!

Barbara │ 10/10/2016

I do not think I've ever used a more user-friendly and fun shopping app!! Thank you for making things so easy.

Nicole │ 10/10/2016

You guys are the platinum standard for retail. Thank you.

John │ 10/10/2016

Thank you - this is much appreciated! Was definitely frustrated that both of the shoes I wanted were out of stock when I looked on your site over the last 3 wks. Your customer service is the best!

Kendra │ 10/10/2016

Just a little note to let you guys know how awesome you are! I had to make 2 returns back to back because of size issues and you guys made it easy as pie. This will definitely further seal my business with you in stone. Much appreciated with a big slap on the back for a job well done. Please let the 2 women I spoke with know how much I thank them for their pleasant and positive phone skills and make them feel appreciated.

Adeena │ 10/10/2016

This worked great! I was indeed logged into a different account. Thanks for your help, and as always thanks to Zappos for such great customer service.

Emily │ 10/10/2016

I don't have a question - I just wanted to tell you who reads this that I have always been satisfied with my Zappos experiences, and on Wednesday I toured your facility as part of a work event. It was the highlight of my week, and this southern girl was proudly wearing her Jack Rogers sandals ordered thru your company while there. You guys are the model of customer service, and I appreciate the opportunity to see your insides! As of a few hours ago, I'm happily back home safe and sound on the east coast, but will definitely share some Zappos love when my Raleigh friends ask how my (yawn) work trip was this week. Keep up the great work, and thanks again for what you do :)

Jennifer │ 10/10/2016

Thank you for letting me know. You are an incredibly efficient organization to work with. I am really impressed.

Irmgard │ 10/10/2016

Zappos is an amazing company! It was so easy to get an exchange and then have help with a return. This is my far the best company I have worked with on-line and on the phone. In fact I was able to visit with a customer service rep who is originally a fellow mid-westerner! Keep up the good work. It is truly a pleasure to work with such an accommodating company!

Nancy │ 09/19/2016

Thank you for making returns easy; a very efficient company.

Lesley │ 09/19/2016

Thank you for the great customer service!

Joshua │ 09/19/2016
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