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Posted 3/26/14
Overall Rated:5 stars!
Comfort Rated:5 stars!
Style Rated:5 stars!

Last year I landed hard on my left heel and injured it. It still is not better and hurts constantly. Walking or standing causes constant pain. I have worn zero-drop, barefoot style shoes for years and have resisted buying regular, over-padded sneakers. My physical therapist recommended these on Tuesday and they came on Wednesday (Thank you, Zappos!). They fit well and are so comfortable. They have a zero drop and wide toe box, and the padding is heaven. I am walking around now with no pain. Finally!


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Posted 6/3/14
Overall Rated:1 stars!
Comfort Rated:2 stars!
Style Rated:1 stars!

Just got this yesterday and am returning them today. I was very disappointed in this shoe. I had gone through several pairs of the Intuition 1.5 and aside from some manufacturing problems had been happy with them. So despite my reservations about Altra's new direction of added even more cushioning, I decided to order the new model, a mistake. First of all the manufacturing process seems to have gotten even worse, these shoes seemed to be really poorly/cheaply made. Not finished off, loose threads dangling. The front of one shoe had odd indentations where the upper did not quite match the size/shape of the sole. The laces were the cheapest, junkiest laces I have ever seen anywhere - besides being very short, one of them could not even be re-laced, since the end would not come out of the top hole, due to the plastic end of the lace being only partially sealed. Fit was poor - these shoes were shorter than the same size in the 1.5, and the toe box was oddly small and tight. Worst of all though, in my opinion, was the design of the sole. They are not flat, they are curved, with the midsole being thicker than the heel and forefront, so they rock backwards and forwards. So basically kind of like walking/running on the bottom of a rocking chair. Maybe I just missed it, but I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the descriptions I saw of this shoe. I hope that Altra gets it's act together. I really liked their original concept of zero drop, foot fitting shoes, with some cushion. I had also wanted to try their new One-2 model, but after seeing the quality of these shoes, am going to look else where for now and hope that future Altra's will be better.

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