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May 5, 2014



This is a very simple mechanism. Therefore: 1. no auto shutoff 2. no removing the carafe in the middle of the brew cycle and 3. no programming (takes a lot of time to prepare coffee on a busy morning!) I finally gave up my Braun thermal carafe, programmable machine after 15 years because I was tired of it, although it still worked fine. I tried some Cuisinarts (two, shame on me) and both broke within a month. 150 dollars was what each of those cost, and was about my limit. Nothing else has made great brewed coffee. The Zojirushi makes reliably good quality (temperature, flavor) coffee and hasn't broken, but it doesn't make enough for guests or keep warm without using the hot plate. However I am seriously missing the features of the Braun. I may have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new decent machine. I don't know how the hot plate on the Zojirushi works. It's too dangerous to leave it on. However I will note that I have accidentally left the machine on overnight empty, and I am still here! Style wise, the Zojirushi is cute, it's very easy to clean, and the removable water reservoir is very handy. I enjoy it. My number two gold tone filter prevents the lid from closing properly, though, so I have to hold it shut when pouring.

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