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May 14, 2013

Lisa M

from Pennsylvania

This little backpack is beautiful! Not sure if it's sturdy enough for school use (books, laptop, etc) but it's perfect for use as a purse/toddler bag. Backpacks are the best when wrangling a toddler and most are ugly...very happy to have this one.

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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June 6, 2014


from United States

I did so much research before deciding on this bag. I love the print, and the bag is well made. However, the straps are just like seat belt straps. They are ugly and are not comfortable. I wore the bag for one hour and hated it. The straps dug into me, no matter how I adjusted them. Also, from all the websites I viewed this bag on, the trim color appeared gray. It is not. It is army green and in my opinion, ugly. I really wanted to love this bag and am so disappointed to be returning it. As I said, I love the print and the bag appears to be well made so I think I'll try a crossbody, but will avoid any colors that appear gray knowing now that they are really army green. I ordered the aubergine print.

Overall Rated:3 stars!

Comfort Rated:3 stars!

Style Rated:3 stars!


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March 4, 2015


from Chicago

This bag is not what I expected. It is not as big and the straps are not comfortable. The magnet closure and pull string are not very secure. Overall, I would recommend going with a different bag.

Overall Rated:2 stars!

Comfort Rated:2 stars!

Style Rated:2 stars!


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