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December 10, 2012



I have to say i was very happy with the necklace i purchased. i'm a big fan of statement jewelry but with this one, i always get compliments. Guaranteed when i wear it - someone always stops me to ask about it. I was hesitant at first because i was worried it might be too heavy around the neck, but it was comfortable all day long. I'm definitely looking to buy another.

Overall Rated:4 stars!

Comfort Rated:4 stars!

Style Rated:4 stars!


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October 18, 2012



I wanted to love this necklace. In fact, I do love concept/style. However, when I opened the package (which came speedily, as always, thank you Zappos) I was immediately disappointed. The black ribbon was very cheap feeling and was crinkled up. I could have looked past that. My major concern was that the "amethyst" stones were lifting. Not all of them... but some. Secondly, the stones had 2 holes. One on the top and one on the bottom. As if they were to be strung vs. applied, in application. I felt the necklace looked too "crafty". Zappos did great on both the shipping and the return!

Overall Rated:2 stars!

Comfort Rated:2 stars!

Style Rated:2 stars!


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October 24, 2012


from new york

This is really unattractive. Sorry but I was expecting to wear it with a plain dress to spruce it up. It looked really cheap plastic like. I do not recommend!

Overall Rated:1 stars!

Comfort Rated:1 stars!

Style Rated:1 stars!


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