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February 20, 2013


from Rochester, NY

I use my Breville every day! I tried a couple of different products that worked so so prior to purchasing this one. I read many reviews and I now realize that most don't at all apply to me. Most people wrote about issues w starting of this device. I have yet to experience this problem. It starts every time with a touch of a button. My only and huge issue is that this device is very unpredictable in what it delivers. Sometimes the froth is super thick, other times (most of the times) it's just the heated milk with a little foam on top. I never really know what I'm going to get. I have used 1% and 2% milk as well as chocolate milk. I have tried different brands of milk. I might get 2x in a row very nice thick froth and then I'm back to just warm milk w a little foam (this happens with both of the buttons that are included and doesn't seem to correlate with freshness as far as whether I may have just opened a gallon of milk or whether it is 2 days later). I always use the same amount of liquid as well, which I feel is often a waste since the minimum amount required is too much for me at any given time. I have tried adding chocolate, both powder and syrup and it has worked out great. I love the ease of clean of this device. I don't put it in the dishwasher. It is extremely easy to clean, it doesn't stain or leave any types of marks. I drink my coffee with milk, so a device like this is a wonderful thing for me to have. I wish the thickness of the froth was better or more predictable.

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