Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Thermal Coffee maker Reviews

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Posted 12/31/11
Overall Rated:5 stars!
Comfort Rated:5 stars!
Style Rated:5 stars!

Great coffee maker. We had a Starbuck's Arista Grande for years and reality got used to the carafe staying warm all morning without burning the coffee. Starbuck's discontinued their model, so we looked long and hard for a suitable replacement and we are very demanding about our coffee and we are both pleased with this coffee maker.


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Posted 12/4/11
Overall Rated:2 stars!
Comfort Rated:2 stars!
Style Rated:4 stars!

I've originally purchased this model since it provided a thermos to keep the coffee warm. However, this specific model did not perform well. First, the coffee never stayed hot more than 20-30 min, the drip-stop didn't stop dripping, water started leaking from the base after about 4-6 month and you had to be careful to properly align the lid on the thermos or coffee would spill all over. Looks nice, worked very poorly for us.

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