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Posted 1/13/12
Overall Rated:4 stars!
Comfort Rated:4 stars!
Style Rated:5 stars!

Comfort is more than satisfactory for someone on my feet 12 hours a day in a busy kitchen. The spider traction non-slip soles do their job without hesitation. They seem to be adequately spill resistant and the ventilation is a god send. On top of all their functionality, the big bonus is that you can keep them on after your shift and no one would even guess you were still wearing your work shoes. I normally wear a size 10 which i originally ordered but even using their insert system they were slipping on my heels, so i exchanged them for a size 9 and I am very happy with the fit. I've only had them for a short period of time, so I cant speak to their durability and the construction materials feel like they may not really achieve that "broken in" feel, but if you get the right size and use their insert system correctly I have found the fit to be secure and comfortable. If, a year from now, I find these shoes to be adequately durable, I will be a Mozo loyalist life.


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Posted 5/11/12
Overall Rated:2 stars!
Comfort Rated:4 stars!
Style Rated:5 stars!

First off thanks to Zappos! They are a great customer orientated company. I got these shoes after the Arron Sanchez shoes did not work out and I was dissatisfied with the shoes. First off the left shoe felt bigger than the right shoe, then after a busy shift on the line, I went to wipe the shoes down and they start flaking black paint from the sides of the shoes. I do not believe that line cooks were considered while designing the shoes. They are definitely a great concept, I just wish more thought was put into the design.

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