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Cuisinart GR-4N Griddler Reviews

19 reviews

16 are "Favorable"

Most Helpful Favorable Review

Posted 11/30/11
Overall Rated:5 stars!
Comfort Rated:5 stars!
Style Rated:5 stars!

I bought the GR-4N Griddler and I have had the George Foreman grill, those plates turn color. I see that this grill will not turn and can be washed easy. I would tell a friend if they were in the market for a grill.


3 are "Critical"

Most Helpful Critical Review

Posted 2/19/12
Overall Rated:2 stars!
Comfort Rated:2 stars!
Style Rated:4 stars!

This review is from: Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler (Kitchen) My wife and I were excited to finally get this item when it went on sale. We first started out truing to make pancakes and couldn't believe how long they took to turn golden which they never really did. We're both good cooks, we allowed it 10 minutes to warm up to 375 degrees. After going through 2 batches of batter and still not with an edible pancake, I decided to do some testing. I got out my infrared thermometer and found the problem. When the temperature selector was set to 375, the temperature of the cooking plates cycled from a low of 250 to a hich of 310 or so. This cycle kept repeating. Turning the selector up to 425, the plates cycled between 328 and 386 degrees. Using the panini selector and set to the highest temperature available, sear, the plates cycled between 352 and 414. I am so glad I did not risk destroying a steak on this POS. I'm sure this thing would work fine for a sandwich but it's also advertised as a griddle and a griddle it ain't. It's already back in the box and will be returned to Macy's tomorrow.

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