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Bodum EILEEN 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker Reviews

9 reviews

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August 12, 2013


from Fort Wayne, IN

I bought this for my boyfriend for a gift. At first, I thought the price was pretty outrageous. However, he is a coffee addict and absolutely loves it. Great cup of coffee and the extra metal design keeps the coffee warmer longer. Definitely worth the price, as much I hate to admit it!

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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May 30, 2013


from Florida

I love my new Eileen Bodum 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker. It makes two 14 ounce size cups of great coffee. I bought Dunkin' Donuts whole coffee beans and had it ground course or for a french press at my local supermarket for free. The directions say to put the course ground coffee in the coffee maker then add hot water (I bring my water almost to a boil) then pour and let it sit for four minutes with the coffee grounds. I give it a stir and put the lid on and then press and pour the best tasting cup of coffee ever!

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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January 19, 2013

Katie G

from Massachusetts

I bought this is a Christmas gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it! Not only does it look great, but my husband says it makes the best coffee he's ever had!

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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December 4, 2012


from CA

My drip coffee maker conked out and since I'm the only one in our house who drinks coffee regularly I decided to switch to a coffee press because I had heard it made a superior cup of coffee compared to a drip coffeemaker. Well, it's true. I didn't know coffee could taste so good. The first time I used my coffee press there was a lot of sludge/coffee grounds getting in the coffee and after doing a bit of research online I learned it was because of my blade coffee grinder not making a consistent grind - even though I tried to make it coarse it would also make some finer and the finer dust wasn't being filtered through the press. So then I researched ceramic burr coffee grinders which produce a more consistent grind (coarse for the french press). But burr grinders can run upwards of a lot and more. The cheapest were a moderate price and didn't have very good reviews. Then I found the Hario Manual Ceramic burr Coffee grinder for less and figured what the heck I'd give it a shot. That thing works beautifully. It takes 3 or 4 minutes of spinning the handle to grind enough coffee for the french press but I do it while the water is heating. Its easy to the point of almost effortless. I've been using it for about a month and it still works as great as it did the first day. And now I can also properly grind coffee for my espresso machine too. The Hario grinder can be adjusted down to grind fine "Turkish" coffee on up to coarse for a French Press. Using the burr grinder which sort of scrapes and crushes the beans (vs. a blade grinder that cuts them at high speeds) also makes the coffee taste better. I bought the Bodum 12 cup French Press which actually holds 4 cups of water/coffee. I get about 2 large "cups" of coffee out of it. It does start to cool pretty rapidly, but I drink it all within an hour. Any longer than that and you'll want to pour it into a thermos or something. I'm concerned about breaking the glass, so looked into buying a replacement. But it costs almost as much as buying a whole new press. Maybe I'll just buy a back-up press one of these days, because as we all know, no matter how careful you think you are, accidents can happen and I don't want to be without my fantastic coffee - ever. The only reasons I gave the press 4 instead of 5 stars is that the replacement parts seem a bit too pricey and I wish I could get a bigger one. I've looked around but haven't seen any bigger than the 12 cup, so if I have company over I'm going to be making and re-making coffee continually to keep up with the demand. A bigger one would be nice.

Overall Rated:4 stars!

Comfort Rated:4 stars!

Style Rated:4 stars!


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