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Calphalon HE400WM No Peek™ Waffle Maker Reviews

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Posted 1/29/11
Overall Rated:4 stars!
Comfort Rated:4 stars!
Style Rated:4 stars!

I bought this for my husband as he enjoys making waffles. We like it a lot; it heats up quickly and makes excellent waffles. I do want to mention I was confused over whether or not the grids are removable as the info on Zappos was a little unclear: the heating grids are not removable. They are easily cleaned, and it's not a big deal but somehow I thought that they were removable. This needs to be clarified for future purchasers.


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Posted 6/20/11
Overall Rated:2 stars!
Comfort Rated:2 stars!
Style Rated:3 stars!

Zappos is excellent, but this product is not. The box seemed to have already been opened. There was already a buffed area on the silver like someone cleaned it or to remove the blemish with a rough cloth or something. There was no seal on the box for the tab, and the plastic bag was fully open. Maybe they open it to inspect prior to sending out? As for performance, the lights wouldn't reset when putting in batter (it lights up and beeps when ready, but didn't reset to let you know they were done once you poured the batter). Also, the end result was nothing special. It wasn't crispy and hot. It was like a spongy result and too lukewarm for my taste. I was on the verge of returning two other products from Zappos, but never did. This time, I am definitely going to return this. Such a hassle.

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June 29, 2011

Joyce b

from kansas city, Mo

This is the second of these waffle makers we have bought in 2 weeks. The promised chime that I expected when the waffle was done does sound. I think I may return this one also and try a more reliable brand. For this price tag I expect a more reliable performance.

Overall Rated:1 stars!

Comfort Rated:1 stars!

Style Rated:1 stars!


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August 5, 2012


from Arcata, CA

As usual, Zappos chooses items of top quality and this is no exception. Zappos delivered my waffle maker within four days and my first impression was that it was sturdy and streamlined. I made yeasted waffles and my family loved them right from the start. I found the lighted dial was a perfect indicator of doneness, and the brass non-stick surface was excellent. It was not a plastic or chemically-based material. I experimented with light and medium since I bake extras for rewarming later. A half cup of batter per square was a bit much and the waffles overflowed the griddle, but cleanup was so easy! After baking a waffle or two, I had the measurement down pat. Slightly less than a half cup works well. Leftovers are terrific, too! I have experimented and added oat bran, wheat germ, sesame and flax seeds, and other grains to my basic recipe. Thanks, Zappos! Another great product along with your great service.

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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July 21, 2012


from East Wenatchee, Washington

A smart purchase all around. Heats fast, cooks fast. Cleans easily, stores compactly. Amazing product. Oh, and it makes excellent waffles too.

Brands I'd also recommend: None

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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August 12, 2012



This item is costly and does not make perfect waffles. The heating element is not sound on the top causing the waffles to be under done in some places. Also there is no catch for any batter that seeps out. The waffles taste okay, but anything higher than medium setting, will give you crunchy waffles.

Overall Rated:3 stars!

Comfort Rated:3 stars!

Style Rated:3 stars!


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