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August 1, 2013

Gigi H

from Hillside, New Jersey

Ok can I just say I think I have found the ultimate Vera Bradley bag. So first I want to give kudos to What an amazon company. This is the service I expect from an American company. I received my new VB bag in less than 24 hours and was able to track it very easily. Somehow I have become a VIP customer and benefit from this by being able to get free next day shipping. Great job Other companies should follow your lead. Now about the bag. Just love the size, the number of pockets etc. it's a great bag and I am thinking about getting another one in a darker color for the winter. Thanks a lot.

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September 26, 2012


from Washington, DC

This bag is pretty much EPIC. It's been all over with me, from Turkey to Germany, and fits ALMOST anything. Just not a huge notebook or anything that big(long story). You can just throw your essentials in and dash. For me, it fits my Blackberry Playbook, Nintendo DSI XL, iPod Touch, a Reader's Digest magazine, lipgloss, cell phone, and a bunch of other tiny trinkets. Great for traveling, road tripping, or landmark-trekking. However, the strap does get tiring after a short while if you're carrying a lot of things inside. And I don't know about anyone else, but it was much bigger than I expected. Not a problem for me, but it might feel kind of chunky for people used to dinky clutch-size purses. I don't know if this type of cottony material used is best for people who's lifestyle leaves them with stained bags. As for the pattern, I got Sittin' in a Tree(a retired pattern). Very cute and well detailed in all the patterns. All in all, there's a few kinks depending on what you require in a bag. But for me, the pros definitely beat the cons.

Brands I'd also recommend: Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Botkier

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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