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Breville JE98XL the Juice Fountain® Plus Reviews

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July 28, 2012

Rich G

from Oxford, CT

I was blown away by both Zappos and the juicer! Not only did my juicer arrive the next day but we had it juicing out of the box within five minutes. This is a workhorse. The engine is powerful, it juices anything, and it is easy to clean. Buy it today!

Brands I'd also recommend: Anything Breville!

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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June 14, 2012



Fantastic value! This juicer is really simple to clean, and does a good job with a variety of foods.

Overall Rated:5 stars!

Comfort Rated:5 stars!

Style Rated:5 stars!


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August 28, 2012


from Curtis, Nebraska

This is the only juicer that I have owned so I can't compare it to others, but it is definitely the loudest kitchen appliance I have. It juices vegetables very well and leaves a very dry pulp. Fruits also give a lot of juice but the pulp is still very wet, so some is being missed. It is easy to take apart and put back together. As long as you don't let the pieces sit it is fairly easy to clean. Put a plastic bag in the pulp catching piece to make cleaning that part much easier.

Overall Rated:3 stars!

Comfort Rated:3 stars!

Style Rated:3 stars!


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December 1, 2012


from new jersey

I really dislike this juicer. It is NOT easy to assemble; it does NOT use most of the vegetable or fruit being juiced; it does NOT take up a small amount of space after it is washed. There is so much waste from the vegeatbles and fruit that is not juiced, that I have begun to juice the veggies and fruits separately, cleaning out the "bin" after each type item. I then have begun using the "residue" in salads!! Yes the drink is good, but the unused amoiunt of veggies and fruit is ridiculous. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this JE98XL Juicer!!

Overall Rated:1 stars!

Comfort Rated:1 stars!

Style Rated:1 stars!


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