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Breville 800JEXL the Juice Fountain® Elite Reviews

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January 4, 2013


from Boston, Massachusetts

I have a Champion juicer, but after seeing the Breville demos, I decided to get a Breville. I am doing a lot of juicing, so a juicer that didn't require cutting everything into small pieces and one with a large chute that could handle greens appealed to me. I like the Breville because it simplifies juicing, is a time-saver, and the clean up is easy. I love the design and the stainless steel construction. That said, the Champion is a better juicer. With the Champion you get carrot juice and pulp that resembles sawdust. With the Breville I can squeeze the carrot pulp and get more juice. Also, pieces of veggies show up in the juice, sometimes large ones. However, for ease of use, it's a trade-off I'm willing to make. And it looks great on the counter.

Overall Rated:4 stars!

Comfort Rated:4 stars!

Style Rated:4 stars!


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August 5, 2014


from New Orleans

Worst purchase ever! motor caught on fire in less than a year and when I called Breville (having faithfully filled out and mailed warranty registration) they told me that warranty registration was just for marketing - and that I needed receipt! unfortunately did not realize that I could pull up receipt on my Zappos account so I chunked the eyesore and constant reminder of terrible, expensive purchase (sorry, for the cost I expected it to last awhile)!

Overall Rated:1 stars!

Comfort Rated:1 stars!

Style Rated:1 stars!


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March 4, 2014



I've used this juicer for a good 2-3 months and here's what happened. So I got up one morning, so excited to use the juicer, I had cleaned it the night before and prepared my fruits/veggies(cut them up). So well first it's a two person job. Luckily one of my relatives was there to hand me the veggies/fruits so that I could put it through the feed chute. So I put in one apple (no seeds and sliced into 4 quarters) and I hear a sound like the apple was being smushed, so out of one end comes the pulp and skins and out of the juice part comes an ounce of juice, maybe less than an ounce actually. So next I put in a carrot, so I alternate between fruits and veggies. so after an apple, an carrot, a cucumber and an orange...I get a little less than 8 ounces of liquid. So I turn it off, and unplug it and some more juice comes out so now I have maybe 9 or 10 ounces in total. I drink my juice, it's not bad. Clean the machine was horrible. I had to take each piece apart - the blades I did by hand because there was pulp in the mesh basket and finally the bucket where all the pulp goes. Do not believe anything that the internet tells you, you can't use that pulp for anything edible. Every time I used it, I felt money was just going down the drain. Bottom line: Such a waste of fiber and pulp. Hard to clean, just I hate juicers.

Brands I'd also recommend: Vitamix

Overall Rated:1 stars!

Comfort Rated:1 stars!

Style Rated:1 stars!


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