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Posted 9/30/11
Overall Rated:5 stars!
Comfort Rated:5 stars!
Style Rated:5 stars!

Though I feel I'm a little too old to wear "sparkly" anything (46), this color has just the right amount of shimmer as to not be overbearing. I have very small eyelids, so I just sweep the color over entire lid, add eyeliner and mascara and done. Looks great without being overdone, which is what I was going for.


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Posted 6/5/12
Overall Rated:2 stars!
Comfort Rated:1 stars!
Style Rated:3 stars!

Well after sticking my finger in this pot of emerald smudge decided it wasn't for me, very thick and tacky feeling - but would be in poor taste to send it back. Good for many, I am sure - it did go on nicely w/a smudge liner brush, but feel it would drive me bananas after so many hours. Did clean pot out disposing of contents and will use for hand cream for my purse. Oh well!

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