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Posted 8/22/10
Overall Rated:5 stars!
Comfort Rated:5 stars!
Style Rated:5 stars!

I wanted to ditch my hot work boots this summer, got new mesh boots, and these socks. It definitely made a big difference; they wick out moisture as they say. I felt comfortable in the 102-103 F temps. They are great. No kidding.


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Posted 5/15/11
Overall Rated:1 stars!
Comfort Rated:1 stars!
Style Rated:3 stars!

These are the worst socks that I have ever purchased. They actually made my feet sweat. I gave them to my 18 year old son. They made his feet sweat and he will not wear them either. How could that be? I am beyond disappointed with these socks. Beyond the sweating issue, they are not even comfortable. I would rather buy Hanes!

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June 7, 2011


from Denver, CO

Buy these socks if you want dry feet at the end of a long day of hiking. Wish they came in better colors.

Overall Rated:4 stars!

Comfort Rated:4 stars!

Style Rated:4 stars!


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