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January 7, 2011



We've only had this machine for a few weeks, and we are not coffee snobs, but we are incredibly happy with this purchase. It's very easy to make an espresso. The milk steamer works well. The only tricky part is that there is no automatic shutoff of the flow. When the espresso cup is near full, you have to turn off the flow manually. If you are looking for a reasonably priced machine to do the basics like espresso and lattes, I would highly recommend this machine.

Overall Rated:4 stars!

Comfort Rated:4 stars!

Style Rated:4 stars!


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October 23, 2013



This is a good machine but I was disappointed: cup clearance is only 2.5" when I need 3"; description was not detailed. I will try Capresso EC100.

Brands I'd also recommend: Capresso

Overall Rated:3 stars!

Comfort Rated:3 stars!

Style Rated:3 stars!


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August 4, 2012


from minnesota

This machine makes very poor crema. I had a Briel Chamminox which made better crema. I wouldn't recommend this if you are picky about flavor. I bought from a different site.

Brands I'd also recommend: briel

Overall Rated:2 stars!

Comfort Rated:2 stars!

Style Rated:2 stars!


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