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Keurig Reviews

K45 Elite
K45 Elite Posted: 9/12/14
Reviewer: Caroline Biiltucci from
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Quick to brew, no mess, a variety of flavors and always hot. I am in fact describing the famous Keurig. Mornings can be hectic for everyone. Regardless, if you live in a household with one, two or more people. You have a day that you re about to take on and need your fix of caffeine. First thing in the morning, you simply want that hot, perfect cup of coffee. Now, using the word perfect is a bit overkill. I mean, what is truly perfect? Everyone's take on perfect is different. Though when it comes to the Keurig, our take on the noun may align accurately. For starters, it isn't time consuming. You simply put the cup into the machine and push a button. Within the matter of a minute or less, you have a full cup of coffee waiting for you. You're not waiting for it, like you have to when you are brewing a whole pot of coffee. One little cup contains it all. A cup that can be filled with any flavor and type of coffee. That leads me to number two. You can purchase a wide variety of different flavors of coffee for the Keurig. Any flavor of coffee that you crave, more than likely is going to be on the shelf. Currently, there are over dozens of varieties of coffee available for the Keurig, This number will only continue to grow as time goes on. While no one will enjoy all of these flavors, it is easy to find a handful or so that fit your particular palette. Now to number three, who likes messes? If anyone says that they do, I m judging. The Keurig contains no mess! No coffee grains, no cleaning the filter. The cup does the job for you! Pretty neat if you ask me. The most important aspect of the Keurig is simply the taste. Truly the best cup of coffee. Not too strong but not weak what so ever. Also, always a hot cup of coffee! When one brews an entire pot of coffee, after time the pot is no longer hot. Just warm. No one wants a cup of coffee that is just warm. Not only warm, but also fresh. A pot of coffee sits and becomes old. A cup of Keurig coffee is always fresh, just like a gourmet coffee house, right in your very own kitchen. When you come to the deciding factor, to as if you should purchase this advanced piece of technology, on thing may leave you second-guessing. That one little glitch is the price tag. The Keurig is on the higher price side of the spectrum, compared to the every day original coffee maker. You may be paying two or three times more, but don t allow that to dictate your decision. If you do not go with your gut intuition, you are so going to regret it. This state of the art technological coffee maker, is worth every single penny. As a purchaser you have to expect it to be more expensive. It is a whole unit that does the entire job for you. Remember, the most worthy things come with an expense. Every expense is part of a sacrifice. Whether it is something dealing with life or simply a price tag. Go sacrifice a few dollars and experience a true cup of love. A love that never fails you! The Keurig combines state of the art technology and a unique cup that simply, consistently delivers the perfect cup of coffee. Also, it contains an innovative single cup brewing system that allows people to brew the perfect cup of gourmet coffee. Again, in less than a minute, without having coffee grinds, having to measure out coffee, handling a filter or clean up. It is the most simplistic way to get a cup of coffee without the frustration. I have yet to experience anything bad about the Keurig. Everything has flaws, so I m sure this machine does also. But so far, so good!

K45 Elite
K45 Elite Posted: 5/28/14
Reviewer: Melinda Decosta from Lancaster pa
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Fabulous machine! Works perfectly every time! Ordered and was received in 24 hours!

K45 Elite
K45 Elite Posted: 9/12/13
Reviewer: Darl Bachmann from Peoria, AZ
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

We never had a "K" cup coffee maker before, so we weren't exactly sure what to expect. We are thrilled with our new coffee maker! We love the water filter integrated into the water reservoir. Warm up is quick and coffee is ready in a flash. If you've sat on the fence waiting to purchase one of these coffee makers, now is the time and this is the one!

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