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Icebreaker Reviews

Siren Hipkini
Siren Hipkini Posted: 10/12/14
Reviewer: from Greenville, SC
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Excellent! They stay put, they are cool and they dry quickly. Only wish there were more selection of colors.

Willow 3Q Sleeve
Willow 3Q Sleeve Posted: 9/12/14
Reviewer: from Seattle
Overall: Rated:2 stars! Comfort: Rated:2 stars! Style: Rated:2 stars!

Cute shirt, but the fit is terrible. I like Icebreaker, but they missed the boat on this one. Their boatneck is so wide that it reaches to the edges of my shoulders and I don't have narrow shoulders. Maybe if you have wide shoulders it would work, but I don't like my bra straps constantly showing. I'm a size 2/4 or XS/S depending on brands and the XS was very loose fitting on me.

Sprite Hot Pant
Sprite Hot Pant Posted: 9/8/14
Reviewer: U from Sunny San Diego
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Super cute & comfy. Feel like I don't have anything on. I wear mine as pjs. Have several pairs of IB hipkinis - love them!

Allure Dress
Allure Dress Posted: 9/8/14
Reviewer: Sara from Columbia, MD
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

The color blocking was great and the overall cut of this dress is great, but it's not going to wear very well unless there's a little more support provided. First, the fabric is just too thin. Yes, it's wool, but it's too thin. Second, the wrapping belt is too thin. It's ready to roll up on itself and around any extra flab you might have around the waistline. It could work if the fabric had a little more support -- thicker and wider seems I think. But, unless you are perfectly petite, it's just not going to work. Sending this one back.

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 8/2/14
Reviewer: Ashley Flinn from Kansas
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

The wrap is great! The wool is soft and not itchy. The black is rich and not washed out. Sleeves are very long and can cover my whole hand if I need them too (for those chillier days). I do think the wrapping design could have been designed better, buttoning it isn't flattering at all if you are curvy. However, the option to tie it back looks great. I love that you can trace the making of the product through all the production stages, Icebreaker is a very responsible company.

Sublime Long Sleeve Zip
Sublime Long Sleeve Zip Posted: 7/21/14
Reviewer: from CA Bay Area
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Great sweatshirt. Have washed and line dried and worked great. Wool fabric is different than usual terry but I love it!

Villa Skirt
Villa Skirt Posted: 7/12/14
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

Really wanted this skirt to work. I loved the feel of the fabric. Length was great. But as you can see in the previews, it's a bit see through. Sadly going back.

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 6/8/14
Reviewer: from New Hampshire
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Chic and cleverly designed sweater wrap (though I have to say it reminds me of a Thneed from The Lorax). Style and fit is as pictured. Looks good with leggings, and surprisingly with wider trousers including khakis. Too thin to wear over anything substantial, this is not really a layering piece. Drape-y and mostly unfitted except for the lower arms which are relatively tight. CYA length in back - yay! I'm about 5'4" and 112 pounds, and size S was right for me. Material is thin but dense merino, and has some weight. Construction and sewing are good but not great quality - fabric and seams are strong but some of the hems have that annoying fold/wrinkle (called "roping" which can happen when manufacturers take shortcuts with the cut of the fabric). I wouldn't expect this to last more than a year or two with frequent wear. Washed up fine - hand washed and hung to dry. Completely dry in 24 hours hanging in a dark basement, so probably a good travel piece. Value is only fair in my opinion - it's priced high for what it is, but the design is so clever and unique that I willingly paid full price. I'll have no regrets, if it holds up okay!

Tech T Lite Short Sleeve
Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Posted: 5/23/14
Reviewer: from New Hampshire
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

This merino wool T seems well-constructed, but I don't love the style or fit. The sleeves "kick" or flare outward. The torso has an awkward cut at the bottom, it sort of grabs the hip-bones, which you can see in the model pictures. It's actually short in length unless you really yank it down. I think this is a redesign of an older Icebreaker T-shirt that was more boxy, but unfortunately they didn't get the new version totally right, at least for me. Too bad, because I love the fit of most Icebreaker clothes!

Spirit Capri
Spirit Capri Posted: 5/13/14
Reviewer: from Colorado
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I bought a pair of these capri pants directly from Icebreaker and fell in love immediately. Unfortunately, I'm also currently raising a puppy who decided that when I left these sitting on my bed for a few minutes that they'd make a fabulous chew toy. When I walked back in the room, there were holes galore. While I was not thrilled about having them for only a few weeks and finding them with huge holes all along the seams, I couldn't bear the thought of not having these as a wardrobe staple. Unfortunately, IB was out of my size, so Zappos to the rescue! The fact that I purchased these at regular price (twice) should say a lot in regard to my love of them (particularly because I didn't want to pay the price even the first time). They are soft, comfortable, layer easily, and transition nicely from wearing for a hike, run or walk into everyday casual wear. The fabric is just heavy enough to not feel naked or as though the pants are see-through, but not so heavy that they can't be worn in warmer temperatures. I am on the shorter side (just south of 5'4") and they hit me at roughly mid-calf). I have muscly, meaty legs and the band at the end of the leg is still comfortable and does not bind. I also have been blessed with an ample rear end, and unlike so many others I've tried, these capris actually cover everything enough so that I don't feel as though every time I bend over, I'll be showing the world my back side. The one thing I really miss on these as opposed to other Icebreaker pants is some kind of zipper (either behind or on the side). Especially if one is going to use these for outdoor adventures. It's nice to be able to carry a key, a dog waste bag, a driver's license, etc, and these do not have that capability. Sizing also seems to be a bit small (perhaps not a full size smaller than marked, but I don't have extra room in these). Other than that, I'd just like to see additional colors such as a brown or other darker neutral colors. If you've never tried wool, or haven't worn it because you remember that itchy wool of the past, these are a great piece to try. Absolutely fabulous, they don't smell even after multiple wearings, and they are oh so soft. Definitely worth a try!

Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe
Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe Posted: 5/5/14
Reviewer: from Orlando, Flordia
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Nice fitting shirt. I'm 180lbs - 5"10 - size 32 pants. I ordered the large. Great base layer for activity sports (I wear it under my golf shirt) or casual wear.

Tech Top Long Sleeve Half Zip
Tech Top Long Sleeve Half Zip Posted: 4/22/14
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Great top. It is the first time I purchase an Icebreaker top and will again. It is very warm but not bulky, practical and good looking. I am usually a medium but ordered a large. It fits perfectly.

Villa Wrap
Villa Wrap Posted: 4/17/14
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

Love the fabric on this wrap -- it's a lightweight wool that is nice and soft. Would pack well and it's flow-y. The main flaw is the cut, which is boxy. The arms are exceptionally long (and I am 6' tall with long arms), which usually I really like, but in this case the cut of the arm is also quite wide at the wrists, giving the garment a dumpy appearance. If they improve the cut with slimmer arms, and a slightly longer and slimmer silhouette, I'll buy it in multiple colors! This one is not a keeper.

Villa Dress
Villa Dress Posted: 4/4/14
Reviewer: from Brooklyn, NY
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I bought this dress for a backpacking/motorcycling trip around Vietnam & Laos. I can wear this dress in hot or cold weather and be comfortable, the fabric is wonderful in that it insulates and ventilates. And if you travel a lot or find yourself in countries without clothing dryers, the fabric is quick dry. I can handwash this dress in the sink and it will be dry in the morning. I've machine washed that first dress a hundred times and it still looks new, it's incredibly well made. In fact, I decided to buy another of the exact same dress and can't tell the new and old dress apart as the material doesn't pill or show wear. The versatility and comfort of this dress are beyond any other garment I've bought in recent memory. It's become an everyday dress for me back home; most of the clothing I've bought for traveling ends up looking too campy for everyday wear. This dress has been the exception. It also looks great with leggings.

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 3/27/14
Reviewer: from Santa Clara, CA
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I almost wasn't going to leave a review because I wanted to buy more of these wraps before they were all sold out. I guess I was in a selfish mood but I'm willing to share but just for now so you'd better hurry. I love this wrap & have received so many compliments its unbelievable. I were this with my skinny jeans & gold jewelry. Very striking.

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 3/7/14
Reviewer: EF from
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I love the versatility of this wrap. It's thin enough so that styling it for a more fitted look is very easy. I like it even more in the striped version. A very fun item, really well made. And the natural wool is so comfortable, easy to maintain, fresh smelling (!) I would only warn that the sizing with this brand is a little varied. XS fits perfectly in the grey/green striped wrap, but for the black wrap, I had to switch to a small. Best to order a couple sizes for trial if unsure.

Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Shirt
Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Shirt Posted: 3/6/14
Reviewer: Frank O. from CA
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I love these shirts. So much do I love these shirts that for general wear, they are the only thing that I will wear. For two years I used exactly 2 of these shirts for general purpose wear. 2! I'd wear one for a week or two, then I'd wear the other one for a week or two. I'd switch back and forth when one would get sweaty. I'd only wash them when they were visibly dirty. They never smelled. These shirts are made of wool. This means that they are the most comfortable shirts you will ever wear, but it also means that they are stupid expensive (buy them when they are cheap), and it also means that they will wear out. A good cotton or polyester shirt can last a lifetime even under duress. A wool shirt under minimal duress, but tones of use (the example I use is the two I wore for two years, and seriously, they are the only shirts I'd wear for general non active use), you'll get about 2 years. For me it was the underarms that went. I was able to sew them up once or twice, then the material just got too thin. I'm keeping the old busty shirt to make patches for the next set though. You better believe it!

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 2/25/14
Reviewer: Tiffany from Alaska
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

This is comfortable and very flattering on my body type, very curvy especially in the hips and rear. I wear a 22 pants and a M or L shirt so I bought a large and it fits perfect on top and drapes a little wide along my hips. It is wool, but washable and I haven't had any problems with shrinkage. It is a little scratchy but not bad. I can wear it with a tank top and be fine. If you're looking for a very warm sweater this isn't it but it is a really comfortable extra layer with a lot of drape and coverage for those days where you just feel better having a little drape to flatter your curves.

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 2/13/14
Reviewer: Cookie from South Central Wisconsin
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

This is a wonderful garment. It looks good in any of the ways one chooses to wear it; drapey, not clingy; warm but not itchy (I often wear just a tank top underneath and it's very comfortable), and it's really a 2-3 season piece in terms of weight. I wish it came in a range of colors!

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 1/25/14
Reviewer: from Alaska
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Initially, I was displeased with this item, but I kept it. It was well made, and (to my surprise) I received compliments at work. After a few times wearing it and washing it, it has become one of my favorite covers. I hand wash it and lay it out to dry. It has held its shape and color. In addition (and most importantly), it is extremely comfortable. I am 5'10", 145 pounds, and bought a medium. (I like clothing baggy. I think if you are bigger than me, it would fit how 'normal' people would like clothing to fit.)

Bliss Wrap
Bliss Wrap Posted: 1/24/14
Reviewer: Nicole from San Francisco
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Best nursing wrap ever. Sleeves are nice and long (and stay down, due to being knit snugly), the button gives you privacy while feeding your baby, and the cross front wrap option still allows you to look like a human and not a sack, when you are not feeding. Wool is also nice and warm without being scratchy, and it's washable. 5 stars!

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