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In addition to offering a wide variety of shoes, clothing, handbags, accessories, and more! We strive to provide you with the best service in the industry. We feel it is our duty to not only provide you with great service, but we would also like to provide a reference guide for you to learn more about us and our industry. We are giving you the inside scoop to our company glossary so you can learn about shoes, handbags and accessories just like us. We hope this guide is useful to you and will make you feel more confident about the features that our products provide. Enjoy!

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A strip of material strung through the eyelets of a shoe in order to pull the shoe closed and adjust its girth.
Leather created from the skin of young sheep.
A metal, wood or plastic form used to create the shape of a shoe.
The process of pulling and shaping a shoe on a last.
The skin of an animal, typically with the hair removed and tanned for use.
Leg Of Mutton Sleeve
is a sleeve that is puffed or full at the top and gradually tapers towards the cuff.
One of the several layers of leather or leather-board used make a heel.
The inside material of a shoe. May be composed of leather, fabric or synthetic material.
Leather made from the skin of a lizard, typically with a specked, grainy appearance.
A slip-on shoe, completely without fasteners.
Trademark name of a type of acrylic resin/plastic consisting essentially of polymerized methyl methacrylate.
Lug Sole
A heavy-tread, rubber sole.
A type of yarn fabric that has a metallic appearance. Typically it's a synthetic fiber which an aluminum layer has been vaporized.
A premium stretch fiber found in garments made from natural and man-made fibers.
Fibers produced from wood pulp cellulose. Tencel® is Lenzing's brand name for lyocell.
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