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Blundstone Reviews

BL519 Posted: 10/2/15
Reviewer: Kara from Martha's Vineyard
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I work on a land surveying field crew on an island in New England. This means we are out on raw land and on construction sites all the time, my boots take a beating, I tore through a pair of Timberland Pit Boss Pro's in a few months, Bogs took a couple months also. These Blundstones? still going strong after 2 years (I do switch to winter boots for about 3 months a year for snow). These have held up incredibly well and have become my go-to shoe. They are not as bulky or heavy duty as most work boots which is good for me since can wear them in the field and then throw on some skinny jeans with them and head out to the pub and they look great. I traipsed about Europe for 2 weeks in these and they held up hiking around the coast of Sweden and dining in Amsterdam. I was walking every day and my feet never hurt. I also love the green elastic, the new colors add a little subtle flare. If you're looking for a well made, timeless, comfortable boot, look no further. If you're on the fence because of the price, buy them. These boots are a great investment, I bet I get another 2-3 years out of these and that is with me being REALLY hard on them. If I didn't do survey work and just wore them for normal day to day stuff I'd expect these would last me 10 years or more. They just look better and better with age. note: I did replace the sock liner with some hiking insoles I had on hand and that made a difference for me, it gave me a little more arch support than the insoles that came with it. Get these boots. You'll love them.

BL560 Posted: 9/28/15
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

I grew up in Australia and wore then. Have purchased 5 pairs over the past 15 years and ALL of them were very comfortable but the quality of the soles is terrible, all of the soles completely fell apart or came away from the uppers. I believe they have outsource their production to Asian factories and am certain that this move has created the quality issues. I have heard this from Aussie friend as well as Yank friends who have experienced the same issues.

BL550 Posted: 9/28/15
Reviewer: Patrick from Bend, Oregon
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Solid comfort with added pleasure once they break in. Good every day for my job, but a little sad the soles wear moderately quicker when used as dailies. I had to get my last pair for around town. Looks great with most any type pants. Dress up or down. Some break in time should be expected for entry. Enjoy!

BL1308 Posted: 9/25/15
Reviewer: Ann from Rhode Island
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I recently bought these for my son. Last year I discovered how incredible comfortable they were. I had never tried them because I have long, flat feet. I added the insole Blundstone includes with each pair, and they were a perfect fit. They are easy, sturdy, good in blizzards and warmer weather. They look great with jeans and skirts. My son wore mine and now has his own pair which he said are perfect. He too has long, flat feet and has added the insole. After a very harsh winter last year the shoes are looking pretty great.

BL1314 Posted: 9/24/15
Reviewer: from Baltimore
Overall: Rated:2 stars! Comfort: Rated:2 stars! Style: Rated:2 stars!

Bought these 11 months ago and wore them most days in the colder months. These are not even close to waterproof, even after treating them. Don't go there. There is a felt layer in the sole that comes to the edge and seems to wick moisture right into the shoe. Nice to walk on though when it's dry. The crepe soles have almost worn thru at the ball of my foot and offer little support. Not sure if these are good candidates for resole due to the way they are constructed, but I defer to others on that since I'm not a shoe expert. Not alot of arch or footbed support so my feet get tired wearing them after a while. That said, they are great looking and very comfortable unless you wear them for long periods. There was a break in period of a week or two. True to size. I'd really like to give these a better rating but the really poor durability takes the fun out of owning these. They are a great looking poor performer.

BL585 Posted: 9/23/15
Reviewer: Sari Resnick from Brooklyn
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

I loved the look of the worn in leather and so bought these for the fall/winter in New York. I am a woman's 7½, but when I received them, they were much smaller, almost a full size smaller. Plus, I did not love the look of the Rustic leather/suede. It looked and felt a little cheap, so I returned them for the BL500 and ordered up a half size to a women's 8. I just wore them for the first time and think they will be great! I am looking forward to the chill of fall.

BL500 Posted: 9/23/15
Reviewer: Sari Resnick from Brooklyn, New York
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I just wore these for the first time and they are really comfortable. I bought them to wear in the fall/winter in NYC, to walk my dog and commute around town. I love the look and ease of the boot, and look forward to breaking them into a good, worn look. I bought them a half size larger so that I can wear thicker, wool socks in the colder months. My only critic of these boots is that they run a little on the wide side and my feet are on the narrow side, so they are somewhat more roomy than I would prefer.

BL585 Posted: 9/19/15
Reviewer: Melanie from
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I'm usually a 7 or 7.5 so I got 7.5 in these and they are too small! I'm shocked, I will have to order the 8 but it's so weird I've never owned a size 8 shoe so I don't know if I got a weird pair or what but definitely order a half size up than your normal size.

BL585 Posted: 9/18/15
Reviewer: CK from Lawrence, KS
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

It took a few tries to find the right Blunnies in the right size. I think I tried on half a dozen pair. But I'm so glad I kept going until I got to these! They're so comfortable and so cute. This is my first pair and I tried on ones from different lines in a variety of sizes. Some reviewers report they run big, some say small, some true to size. I found them a little smaller than the listed women's US size conversion. I'm a slightly narrow, low-volume women's size 8, only going up to an 8 1/2 very rarely. Yet, I got these in a 7, which supposedly corresponds to a 9. It may be that I could have gone with a smaller size once they break in a little, but the others felt too small with socks on. But these are great. More comfortable to my sensitive feet than the basic 500 line. Well-made, with nice leather linings. The sole is great. I wore them the first time for an hour-long farmers market outing and they were comfortable the whole time. My cranky feet usually complain about new shoes. I'll probably put in an orthotic insole for more pronounced arch support (which I often have to do), but their removable insoles make that easy to do. They're cute with skinny jeans, and now that we are finally cooling off, I'm looking forward to wearing them with skirts and tights for fall and winter, as well as with pants. So glad I finally got a pair. Classic, sturdy, well-made boot.

BL585 Posted: 9/18/15
Reviewer: from Mississippi
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

My husband ordered these Work boots over 2 years ago& is still wearing them!! Other boots would only last 1 year since he'd walk the side over etc. He liked them so much he ordered another pair to start breaking in. He did get some blisters breaking them in the first time. Easy to put on.

BL1448 Posted: 9/17/15
Reviewer: Tereza from God help me!~ the Bible belt
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Just got these - I've been wearing them all day - they feel great and look tough! I'm a 7.5-8 but with boots I tend to buy 8.5 as I did with these. I have plenty of wiggle room and definitely can wear a thick sock come winter - so happy I got these!

BL500 Posted: 9/16/15
Reviewer: from Ames, Iowa
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I don't buy shoes very often. I like wearing boots, and have worn Red Wings for a long time. A pair of Red Wings will last me ten years. When I took these out of the box and put them on, they instantly became my favorite pair of shoes. I love that I can just throw them on. I go outside and come back in the house a lot. When doing so, I take off my shoes. These are definitely nice for that. I walk a lot, and so far I like the light and rugged feel to these. I have to say from other reviews, I am a little concerned about the change from manufacturing in Australia. The Red Wings I wear are still made in the US. We'll see how these Blundstones hold up over time. I really hope they do. I like buying local, but I couldn't find these in my area. I have to say my experience with Zappos was excellent.

BL1454 Posted: 9/11/15
Reviewer: Chicago Blundstone Customer from Chicago, Illinois
Overall: Rated:1 stars! Comfort: Rated:1 stars! Style: Rated:1 stars!

These are the first pair of Blundstone's (in over 20 pairs) that I do not care for because of the craftsmanship. The boots appear to be made inexpensively; the feel, the fit and the look are all far below the high standards that the Blundstone brand usually represents.

BL585 Posted: 9/8/15
Reviewer: Tyer M from Buffalo, NY
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Blundstone are the best. This is my second pair of these. I am a dog trainer and spend all day on my feet and walking around. My last pair lasted two years (which is extremely long for a dog trainer). I wear them everywhere, at work, at home, out with friends. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I normally wear a US 9.5, and I order these in a US 9, AU 8.

1304 Posted: 9/8/15
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

Bought these for husband. He loved the look, but Blunnies have very tight elastic when they are new and he had to really fight to get them on and off, which he hated. His boot size is 11 and these fit TTS, but were very tight across the bridge of the foot, so we returned them.

BL500 Posted: 9/8/15
Reviewer: Steve Lanham from Atlanta, GA
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Comfortable right out of the box...light weight but sturdy enough for anything around the farm or out in the woods.

BL1316 Posted: 9/7/15
Reviewer: Julia Harrison from Massachusetts
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

This is my third pair of these Blundstone boots, so I've been a longtime fan. They can't be beat in comfort, warmth, and durability, and I was thrilled to find them in black with red accents. It adds a little visual punch.

BL1435 Posted: 9/4/15
Reviewer: Caroline from
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

I wear a 6.5 (AU 3.5) and these were significantly too short from heel to toe. I've re-ordered a half size up (AU 4). My understanding (after researching this online) is Australian sizing is a little different in that their half sizes mean the shoe will be wider, not longer. The boots look really cool and felt comfortable (other than being too short). I'm looking forward to a better fit.

BL260 Posted: 9/2/15
Reviewer: Nancy Noel May from Wilmington, NC
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I normally wear a size 9, after reading numerous reviews that the shoes ran large I ordered an 8.5. Way too tight, I will try a 9 and hope it works.

BL510 Posted: 8/31/15
Reviewer: Tracy Medley from Salt Lake City
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Love these boots. They have great support and are comfortable almost instantly. They fit according to size. I have another pair of blunnies (BL1320) and for those I needed to order a half size up. Not so with these. I'm a 7.5 and the 4.5 (US Womens 7.5) were perfect.

BL510 Posted: 8/30/15
Reviewer: Nicola Ryall from Vancouver BC
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I love these! I'm a 9.5 on the wider side of medium and these fit perfectly. They're light and balanced... can't wait to wear them to work where I'm on my feet up to 16 hours a day (film technician). Also cool looking.

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