Have you picked out your Easter bonnet yet? Okay. Quit laughing. I know you’re too old to wear one of those. Yet, you probably already are starting to fret over what you’ll wear on Easter Sunday. Don’t worry. Your feelings are natural. Easter elicits one of the biggest turnouts at church, almost like a fashion show.

To say that people try to dress their best on Easter Sunday is an understatement. Most people will pull out their best duds whether it’s a pair of Levis or a three-piece suit. Sometimes it’s a hit. Other times it’s a miss. So what are the rules? What shouldn’t you wear on Easter Sunday?

The rules for Easter Sunday are simple. You should dress in clothing that suits your pocket book, crowd and you. Here’s what I mean. Don’t wear:

  • Expensive clothing you’ll be paying off for the next two years. Remember, your reason for attending an Easter Sunday service is spiritual – not fleshly. So you don’t have to treat it like a fashion show.
  • Don’t over dress for your crowd. If you attend a church where people dress casually, you’ll stand out like a beacon in a couture dress and big hat. Keep it simple and focus more on attending service with a clean heart.
  • Select Easter colors that flatter you. Let’s face it. Everyone doesn’t look good in pink or pastels. So, there’s nothing wrong with wearing navy blue if it makes you look good. Also, if you’re not used to wearing dresses, don’t do it on Easter. Go for a pants suit or even a skirt . It’ll help you be more comfortable and attentive during service.

These three tidbits are what you need to know about dressing for success on Easter Sunday. Just remember the day really isn’t about clothes.