Wearing high heels and pointed-toed shoes eventually takes a toll on women’s feet. The constant pushing down into the tight toe box eventually creates overlapping toes. Short of surgery, there is one way to combat this before it gets worse: wear shoes with a wider toe box. It is generally only after pain in the ball of the foot or edge of the toes that women end up in the podiatrist’s office. That is when the dreaded news is shared that the pointed-toed shoes with the high, sexy heel when worn regularly are, in fact, a detriment to one’s foot health.

Most stilettos and pointed-toe shoes are short-term-wear styles. Do not try to wear them on a marathon night. Purchase a pair of comfortable shoes with a wide toe box to wear daily during working hours, as well as casual hours. Put the stilettos on when you get where you’re going. Yes, they look good, and yes, they make a woman look sexy. But years down the road, crooked overlapping toes are not so great to look at. You can still have your cake and eat it but consider foot health and always carry a pair of practical shoes, particularly if you travel.

There are several great brands that make shoes that look good and have a wide toe box, which allows the toes to spread the way they normally should. ECCO offers a good selection of shoes for business, and a great practical choice such as the ECCO Arizona Buckle will go a long way. This is a smart shoe that is great for the office or in the field. Features of the shoe include a square toe, two-inch stacked heel, mahogany leather upper, hardware accent, leather-lined foam foot bed and a rubber outsole. The ECCO Arizona Buckle retails for $77.

You can still wear your sexy shoes in moderation if a few tips are followed. The key is to be kind to your feet so that when the sexy stilettos are removed, you are still sexy.