Not many people know that Denise Austin has been around the fitness world for quite some time. She first appeared on the scene in the 1980’s with her workout videos like Super Stomachs. Although Denise Austin continues to release workout DVDs and has an extensive list of videos she has released, her Super Stomachs workout is still one of her best workouts to get your mid section toned and to work up a sweat.

Super Stomachs was released by Denise Austin in 1988. At that time she was fairly new to the fitness business and had only released a few workouts before this one. That does not mean that this workout is not a great workout that can still be done 20 years later and have you seeing great results. The thing that is most attractive to Super Stomachs is that the workout is not very long at all, but it will push you to your max. The workout is simply a 15 minute conditioning workout that targets your stomach to help get flat abs as well as build muscle to help support your back and give you better posture.

Super Stomachs is not for beginners though. The exercises that Denise Austin performs in the workout are for moderate to advanced exercisers who already have some stomach muscles to help support their back during these exercises. That being said, since the workout is for a more advanced group of people, it will definitely have you feeling the aftereffects the next morning.

If you have ever seen a Denise Austin workout video you know that she is full of pop and motivation during the whole workout. This workout is no exception. Even though it is only 15 minutes long, she continues to push you through each exercise and probably realizes just how difficult the exercises really are.

If you are looking for a workout that will tone your mid section and also help you with strengthening your back and giving you better posture, then this 80’s workout video is a must-see. It doesn’t matter that it is over 20 years old (although Denise’s outfit and tennis shoes may give you a good laugh when working out) the workout is still effective and will have you feeling the burn and the sweat dripping down your face.