Hi there, students of the shoe encyclopedia class. It looks like you’re here and eager to learn again. Let’s begin with a quick review of what we learned in the last shoe encyclopedia lesson. We covered the stability web in New Balance shoes, bespoke shoes, a special feature in children’s footwear called adiFit and a shoe feature called Heel ProGrid. Today, we’ll discuss opanka construction, the jellies some of you may remember from the 80’s, the ANSI and fisherman sandals.

Shoes designed with opanka construction are made to be very durable. The heavy threads allow for durable attachment of the shoe’s upper and lower. While durable, opanka construction also ensures the shoe also is flexible. Opanka construction can be seen in sandals , boots, moccasins and more. Opanka construction generally is seen in casual footwear with a purpose.

Jellies, also called jelly shoes are not as sticky as they may sound. Jellies were ultra-popular in the 80’s and seem to be making a comeback. Jelly shoes are made mostly or totally of PVC plastic. They generally have a web-like woven design. Some jellies now are made with a little added support or extra features, but many are not. These are casual shoes and are popular in children, due to the shiny look, as well as ease of use. Jelly shoes have no laces. They are slip-ons.

ANSI is an abbreviation for the American National Standards Institute. This organization exists to assist various aspects surrounding educational guidelines for many different types of businesses. It actually oversees all marketplace aspects including the creation and use of guidelines followed directly by businesses in the United States. ANSI also accredits programs used for these purposes.

Fisherman Sandals
A fisherman sandal is a shoe with vertical and horizontal straps which are woven together. Though this is an open design, the toe is generally closed. However, the toe also can be open. The shoes are secured to the foot, usually with a strap that comes around the heel and attaches like a belt buckle or with Velcro. Fisherman sandals generally are made of leather or imitation leather.

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