Suede shoes, whether blue or not, are an eye-catching fashion statement. They're classier looking than even the classiest leather shoes; however, they are also more difficult to maintain and clean when soiled. While it is always best to treat suede shoes with a water protectant spray immediately after purchase, if the worst happens and the shoes become stained with water, prompt attention can prevent further damage.

Step 1
Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off all dirt from the shoes. If the shoes are soiled with mud, you will need to wait until the mud dries before attempting to remove it, otherwise you could end up spreading stains onto other portions of the shoe.

Step 2
Fill a small bowl with a cup of water and use this to dampen the bristles of a soft shoe brush. Use the brush to wet the entire outer surface of both shoes. Don't drench the shoes, but make certain that all portions are damp.

Step 3
With a soft sponge or water absorbent cloth or towel, dab every dampened portion of the shoes to get rid of excess water.

Step 4
Put stretchers or balled-up newspaper into the shoes to help maintain their shape and leave to dry for at least 24 hours. Do not place them in direct sunlight or expose them to a source of extreme heat.

Step 5
Brush the dried shoes with a dry shoe brush, being careful to brush the suede consistently in only one direction.

Step 6
Apply a layer of suede protector spray to prevent the development of future water stains.

Soft dry cloths
Small bowl
Soft-bristled shoe brush
Clean sponge or water absorbent cloth or towel
Shoe stretchers or newspaper
Suede protector spray