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chocolate chip cookies that you must eat two at a time because they are THAT
good. I bet right now you are doing one of two things… a) salivating and
reminiscing about your favorite sweet treat or b) wondering where in the world
I am going with this blog post. Well, just like every homemade recipe, we all
have our own signature ingredients that brought us to where we are today.  The
recipe I’d love to share with you is my very own journey here at the Zappos

- Mix together 1/4 cup “WOW”, 1 Tablespoon of Laughter and 2 Teaspoons of Inspiration in a large mixing bowl

I’ll never forget the day that I walked into my manager’s office and spotted a
book entitled “Delivering Happiness."  I had no idea what the book was about
but I remember thinking, "who wouldn’t want to deliver happiness?" and, being
the book nerd that I am, I asked to borrow it from my boss.  After reading
about these things called “Core Values," laughing at Tony’s first
entrepreneurial adventure in the worm farm industry and finding out that
Zappos was located in my hometown of Las Vegas, I had to learn more!  I was
wowed by this company and wanted to be a part of it! I took a chance and
applied and it seemed like just yesterday that I told my boss of eight years,
after reading the book that _he _let me borrow, that I was leaving to join
Zappos.  Let’s just say he hasn’t let me borrow a book since. ;)

- Add in 1 cup of “team and family spirit”

Here I am now… a part of the Zappos Family and when we say family, we really
are. My favorite core value is #7 (Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit)
and this is something that I am surrounded by every day of the week that ends
in Y. My team challenges me but at the same time helps me. They encourage me
to work hard and play hard. We have so much fun together here in Recruiting.
Whether we are volunteering together on a Karma Adventure, winning the big
bucks at Bingo or listening to our favorite jams while we work, we are always
lifting our family spirit.

- Bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees and then sprinkle on a dash of “Passion”

Passion is what led me here and passion is what keeps me here. If you can’t
tell, I am a little passionate about the Zappos culture and being able to
share this with our candidates on a daily basis is just a beautiful thing. My
day consists of meeting new faces, even if it is just an e-meet (yes I said
e-meet), sharing our company culture and welcoming new family members to the
most passionate, hard-working, fun group of people I have ever been around.
Let’s just say I love my job!

I am honored to be this week’s #InsideZappos Social VIP and being able to
tweet with all of you through our careers handle @InsideZappos. As the Finance
recruiter here, I am also happy to have two of our amazing Financial Analysts
(Nick Bortolotti and David Forbes) joining us this week as well, tweeting from the @ZapposFPA account. Be sure to follow me @mikelldonttweet. (Don't worry… I
really do tweet!)