I guess you could call me somewhat of a rarity here in Las Vegas. My
Grandparents moved here in the early 1950s and soon after, they had my dad.
Add about 30 years to that story when my dad met my mom and – ta da – I came
into this world. Being a Vegas native, let alone a second generation Vegas
native, is pretty rare here. Most residents are Vegas transplants, but we
natives do exist, as uncommon as we may be.

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would be like to start new somewhere else and as exciting and great as it
sounds, I always come back to the realization that I love Las Vegas. It’s my

Just call me Oprah as here are some of my favorite things (in no specific
order) – The bearable winters, hot summers, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston, Red
Rock, downtown, great restaurants (I’m a huge foodie), Vegas shows, great
shopping, 24-hour everything, being only a few hours away from the beach and
Zion National Park. But the one thing I definitely cannot leave off of this
list is Zappos.

Zappos moved to Nevada in 2004, and it’s still crazy to me that it took me, a
Vegas native, eight years to find them. I often ask myself, _“What took you so
long?” _ Either way, I found Zappos and I love it.

I first started within CLT (Customer Loyalty Team) where I wowed our customers
who called in. I had never experienced a better job before this. My background
was in HOA management so Zappos was like Disneyland to me. Almost a year into
Zappos I knew I wanted to be in recruiting, and just my luck, there was an

Five interviews later, I found out I didn’t get the job. Super sad, I know. I
was bummed but I was determined. Core value #9 – Be Passionate &
, is my favorite core value. I took the feedback I received to
heart and I did all that I could to make sure the next time would be the right
time. In January of this year another position opened up and I couldn’t have
been more excited, but scared all the same time. After a couple more
interviews, I had my feedback session where I was told I didn’t get the
position again, just to be surprised by the whole team in the hallway to tell
me I did. Yes! Now I am here, writing this blog.

One of the many things that Zappos has done to make my list of favorite things
is that this company never stops surprising me. Big surprises, little
surprises, all kinds of surprises. The biggest reason I love Zappos is because
they let me be me, the real me. I have never felt more comfortable in my own
skin than I have since day one here.

When you live in a world with so much judgment, it’s refreshing to spend 40
hours a week with none of those shenanigans. I’m a 26-year old-guy with gel
nails and I love it. My team loves it. My Zappos family loves it. Core Value #
3 – Create Fun and a Little Weirdness – one of my daily mantras. Next week
will be my two-year anniversary and here’s to hoping for many more!