@InsideZappos, Zappos Careers, zappos jobs, Zappos Recruiters, Zappos Recruiting, zappos core values, Zappos Downtown Las Vegas, Zappos Technical Recruiter, Zappos Tech, #InsideZappos,Zapponians, Zappos Culture, Zappos employees If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be living in Las Vegas and working for Zappos as a technical recruiter, I would have probably laughed and muttered under my breath that “YOU’RE CRAZY.” Truth be told, as I sit here and write this, I
still can’t believe that this is my reality. You see, I’ve always been a bit
of a free spirit at heart with a sense of wanderlust and big dreams for my
life and I’d even refer to one of my favorite quotes – “Fate loves the
fearless” – as my mantra. However, it wasn’t until last fall that I really
started embodying my wanderlust and fearless spirit. The day I actually
boarded my flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas to interview with Zappos is
when my fearless spirit ignited.

Even though I’ve only been with Zappos a little over 5 months, my
serendipitous collision with this company started in the small town of Chico,
CA almost twelve years ago when I was attending college and working full time
at a women’s boutique downtown in customer service. I worked long hours
putting together amazing outfits for the locals and one day, as I was walking
to work, I noticed a new store a few doors down from us opening up--ZAPPOS.
“Hmmm… funny name,” I thought to myself. I peered inside the window and noticed an amazing selection of shoes. This will be the perfect place to send
all my customers to complete their outfits!

I was startled as a sales associate came outside of the store and greeted me
and coaxed me in. She explained the Zappos business model and how they mostly
sold shoes online and if there was any time they didn’t have a shoe size in
the store stock, they could order it and have it the next day. “WOW,” I
thought to myself. This seems like a crazy idea. Shoes, online? Next day
shipping? So began my intrigue with this Zappos company.

I loved having them as neighbors, and then one day, I noticed a sign that they
would be closing. I immediately ran inside to protest this. “Everyone here
loves Zappos… what is going on?!,” I asked. The employees explained that
actually, business was amazing – so amazing that the strategy to move the
company to a full eCommerce site was what they were about to embark upon, as
well as move the company and employees to Las Vegas. I was shocked. What a big
risk. “You guys are CRAZY…,” I muttered under my breath. I wished them well
and it truly was a sad day when they closed their doors in our small little

Over the last 12 years, I continued to follow Zappos in the news (as well as
buy shoes from them) and admired the culture, the technology and Tony Hsieh’s
vision from afar. Fast forward to fall of last year. I was needing a new
challenge after spending the last eight years in San Francisco. The moment I
boarded that plane for my interview, my life was forever changed. Everything I
observed over the years was living and breathing in Downtown Las Vegas. The
campus was alive with passionate people, the culture was really everything you
hear it is and everyone is truly a family.

As a technical recruiter for Zappos, I am fortunate to work alongside the tech
teams that are working on the CRAZY ideas and innovations that continue to set
us apart from any other eCommerce company. I think of myself as more of a
storyteller than a recruiter, as I get to share stories of our amazing company
and culture with candidates starting their journey with us.

This was the career opportunity fate was telling me to take… and to be
fearless. So when I told everyone I was moving to Las Vegas to work for
Zappos, I started getting the “you’re CRAZY” comments from friends and family.
But that’s the thing… the best ideas, the best business moves, the best
adventures are the CRAZY ones.