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Established in Amsterdam in 1994, J.C. Rags has become known for its on-trend take on wardrobe essentials. Known as the “King of Basics”, the brand’s founders took inspiration from numerous exploratory trips to the capitals of the world, and built the collect from a blueprint of stylish basics to a menswear brand with an international reputation.

Check out J.C. Rag’s collection of denim, shirts and knits for effortless style worth noticing.

For their March deliveries, the J.C. Rags collection was inspired by the wardrobe of bicycle messenger  L. Sanchez. His passion is going extreme and putting himself to the max in the fast-paced concrete jungle that is New York City. A bicycle messenger needs to stand out in the crowd, inspiring J.C. Rags’ summertime color palette. Different laundry techniques give the product that used worn look, while keeping it bright.