A new pair of black jeans has a sexy and sleek look. Just a few washings, however, can dramatically change the look. While you cannot completely prevent black jeans from fading, there are many tricks you can employ to extend their lives and their good looks. Whether you have bargain basement jeans or designer denim, treating your black jeans with gentle care keeps them, and you, looking sharp.

Step 1
Set the dye in new black jeans to keep the color from running and fading. Fill a bucket with one part cool water to one part white vinegar. Let the black jeans soak in this solution overnight. Rinse the jeans in cool water and run them through the gentle cycle in the washing machine to remove the scent of vinegar.

Step 2
Select your laundry detergent with care. Many powder detergents, and some liquids, contain bleach or other whiteners in addition to soap, which fades black jeans more quickly. You can use detergent intended for hand-washing when cleaning black jeans. Use a smaller quantity of detergent than the manufacturers recommend.

Step 3
Turn your black jeans inside-out to reduce the amount of contact they have with the friction of the washing machine. Washing them with other black or dark clothing helps prevent black jeans from fading. Keep towels, rags and other lint-creating linens out of the load of laundry that includes your jeans.

Step 4
Use cold water to wash your black jeans, and set the machine on the gentle cycle. You can wash your black jeans in a large load of laundry, but do not over-stuff the machine.

Step 5
Weigh the pros and cons of drying your black jeans. While drying keeps the fibers taught and the fit more exact, it also increases the fading process. You can hit a compromise by drying black jeans on a lighter setting and removing them before they completely dry. Smooth out wrinkles and hang the jeans on a wooden rack or a clothesline. Keep them out of direct sun or dry indoors.

White vinegar
Gentle detergent
Drying rack
Black dye

Amp up the black color in your jeans by dyeing them. Set the dye again by soaking the jeans in a bucket of white vinegar and water overnight.

Avoid wearing black jeans when you engage in sweaty activities. Contact with sweat dramatically increases fading in black denim.