Every man, even the die-hard nature enthusiast, needs a well-fitted suit that makes him feel like a million bucks. Not only does proper measurements ensure his comfort, it also improves his appearance and raises his confidence. So, before you drag him off to that special occasion, take the time to measure him properly and buy a suit that will fit as if it was made for him.

Step 1
Stand in front of him as he raises his arms slightly. Shoulder level is fine, but higher may alter the measurements.

Step 2
Measure around his chest at the fullest point just below his armpits. Make sure the tape is straight across the back. Pull snug but not tight and note the measurement. Round up to the next whole inch. Suit sizes are determined by the chest size. If the chest measures 40 inches, the suit size is 40.

Step 3
Have him hold his arms down to the side of the body and measure around the arms and the fullest part of the chest. Subtract seven from this number to determine suit jacket size. If this measurement matches the measurement obtained in step 1, this is the suit size. If the numbers do not match, select the larger of the two for the suit size.

Step 4
Double check for the appropriate size by measuring the waist of a well fitting pair of pants and add 6 inches. A standard cut jacket with a chest of 40 fits waist size 34. If waist measurements are either more or less than the standard 6-inch deviation, choose the appropriate cut. Generally, athletic cuts are 8 inches smaller in the waist than the chest, while portly cut is 4 inches smaller in the waist than the chest.

Step 5
Determine the length of the jacket by his height. In general those under 5'4' require an extra short jacket; men between 5'5" to 5' 7" require a short jacket; men between 5' 8" to 5' 11" require a regular jacket; men between 6' to 6' 2" require a long jacket and men over 6' 3" require an extra long jacket.

Step 6
Measure sleeve length by holding the arm slightly bent at the elbow and measuring from the center point at the back of the neck running down the arm to the wrist.