Cowboy boots aren't just a versatile addition to your shoe wardrobe--they're pretty snappy in the fashion department as well. However, newly purchased cowboy boots are anything but a joy to wear. The sole and sides of the boot are often so stiff it can seem impossible that you will ever be able to wear them with anything except extreme discomfort. Break in your new boots to conform to the shape of your feet and they'll be as comfortable as any other shoes.

Step 1
Put on a pair of comfortable socks and put on the cowboy boots. If the boots are so stiff that getting them onto your feet is difficult, use boot hooks to help you get the boots on. Since new boots fit very snugly around the foot before they begin to stretch and widen, do not put on overly thick socks.

Step 2
Spend time walking around the house or for very short distances while wearing the boots. Start off with as little as 15 minutes at a time. Use a boot jack if removing the stiff boots is difficult.

Step 3
Continue to wear the boots for brief periods of time, preferably at least several times a week. At first, the boots will seem extremely uncomfortable and possibly even painful. Eventually, the discomfort will begin to decrease. When this happens, begin to wear the boots for slightly longer increments of time at each wearing.

Step 4
Work up to wearing the boots for at least an hour at a time without any discomfort. You will begin to notice that the boots are easier to take off and on, have a more flexible arch, and are more malleable. You can now begin wearing the boots for longer and longer stretches of time.

Boot hooks (optional)
Book jack (optional)