Dear Job Postings,

It’s not you; it’s me. From newspaper ads, Monster, CareerBuilder, Craigslist
and Indeed, you’re all a company has ever really needed. You’ve been there
through thick and thin and you’ve kept my recruiting team very, VERY busy.
Unfortunately, I need something more. You’ve given us thousands of impersonal,
transactional and cold introductions.  Studies show that recruiters spend 5-7
seconds on a resume. That’s hardly an introduction. It’s barely even a

Full disclosure, and this is going to hurt, I went behind your back and am
trying to make Zappos more transparent and accessible. We’ve created an
@InsideZappos twitter account, a Facebook page and our recruiters are blogging. Crazy, I know! We also just launched our new careers page showcasing our
departments and the living, breathing humans who work in those departments. Lastly, and you might want to
sit down for this one. Instead of posting jobs, we are simply asking people to
find a department they are interested in and make an introduction. By
introducing themselves, people get to become a Zappos
and can actually… you know… talk
to us.

Insiders have unique access to content, updates, tweetchats, online hangouts
and back-and-forth discussions with recruiters and hiring teams. Insiders will
also be the first people we’ll consider when there are new openings. Becoming
an Insider
is that first step in a
long-term relationship. It’s not a short-sighted affair which is what we’ve
been having.

I realize this must hurt. If it makes you feel any better, you can still head
over to anyone else’s career site and scrape some job descriptions. It’s what
you’ve been doing for years and years. But for me, working for a company is a
two-way relationship and you don’t get that. I need more. And that’s the
reason I’m breaking up with you.

Mike Bailen

Zappos Senior HR Manager |  Twitter @BailenOut