At Zappos, we are always trying to come up with ways in which to Do More With
which is one of our Core Values , and we feel that Space is a valuable
commodity. So, we have come up with a new way to fit more people into the
offices here in Las Vegas, NV – Bunk-Desks.

The actual idea came from our CEO, Tony Hsieh , while he was thinking about ways to improve our
office space situation. We have grown at such a rapid pace, that it’s easy to
fill up to capacity before you even know there is a problem. Tony commissioned
Warren and Associate Builders, here in Henderson, to build this innovation
aimed at maximizing the office space available. After seeing the finished
product, Tony actually requested that he be allowed to move his spot in the
office to the top bunk.

Alfred Lin, COO of Zappos, after seeing Tony’s new toy, requested that we have
another built with a bed on top so he can just crash out right here in the
office when he works too late.

Tony is considering mass producing the Zappos BunkDesk and providing much needed space to office buildings around the world. Comment below and let us
know what you think!