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Ember ML
Ember ML Posted: 9/27/15
Reviewer: Cindy Eakin from New Mexico
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I used to wear Montrails almost exclusively. However they have changed their sole material from a very firm material to a very mushy material. So, I was looking for a replacement. This shoe definitely has the firm sole which provides good stability on gravel and rocks. I have narrow feet with a high arch and a high instep. The shoe has zero arch support. However, I put Super Feet insoles in all my hiking and walking shoes. That seems to do the trick.

Ember ML
Ember ML Posted: 9/10/15
Reviewer: from Milwaukee, WI
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I was not happy with these shoes for any walking other than possibly rocky trails. The heel portion of the sole is so rigid. I was expecting something with a little more 'give'. I really the style and the color, though. Sadly, they go back. I feel they ran about 1/2 size large!

Outlaw GV ML
Outlaw GV ML Posted: 9/6/15
Reviewer: leah from san francisco
Overall: Rated:3 stars! Comfort: Rated:3 stars! Style: Rated:3 stars!

Based on the reviews I ordered a half size larger than I usually do. No need. They were huge! I am still waiting on the pair in my usual size so we'll see how those fit. I will say though that the toe box is very wide (too wide for my average foot) but the heel is nice and narrow like I need.

Outlaw GV
Outlaw GV Posted: 8/29/15
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I tried on so many different brands of hiking shoes and none of them were comfortable and they all seemed to run wide. I read somewhere that this brand was good for narrow feet. These are great- comfortable, waterproof, stable and with plenty of cushioning.

Agent GV MM
Agent GV MM Posted: 8/29/15
Reviewer: kully mindemann from harrisville NH
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Great shoes, very happy with fit, looks, and quality of construction. Zappos service second to none, great return policy I didn't have to use, free shipping upgrade, friendly knowledgeable staff - what's not to like?

TPS 535 V
TPS 535 V Posted: 8/21/15
Reviewer: Dan from WV
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

They were too short. I wear a full size 14 and with these my big toe firmly touched the end. Otherwise it looked like a great boot.

Drifter GV
Drifter GV Posted: 8/20/15
Reviewer: from Alaska
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I normally wear a 6.5 but the boot seemed a bit too long, and too narrow for my foot (I don't typically need to buy wide shoes). Because it seemed too long, I also tried a size 6, which was perfect in length, but of course, still too narrow. I love the style of the boot but comfort comes first when it comes to the outdoors! I ended up getting the Salomon Quest boot instead, which I would recommend for anyone looking for bit wider fit.

TPS 535 V
TPS 535 V Posted: 8/9/15
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I wanted to love these, and they are indeed beautiful and classic. They just did not fit me quite right, as much as I wanted them to, so back they go.

Outlaw GV ML
Outlaw GV ML Posted: 7/28/15
Reviewer: Sharon from Oregon
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

These shoes run large if using the US sizing. The US size 7 women is UK 5.5, Euro 38 2/3. I typically wear a size 38 / US women size 7.5/ UK 5.5. The Asolo website has an accurate sizing chart to help you determine size. Great shoe. Supportive, roomy toe box, excellent heel cup. The removable insole is supportive. I have not worn them under wet conditions to test the waterproofness, but they are very breathable. My feet do not get hot. I wear CoolMax or SmartWool hiking socks. I have a regular to slightly wide forefoot, high instep. The lacing allows for specific areas of easing and tightening. The laces have enough texture they remain tied. I needed a shoe that would be a great light hiker but wearable in cities as I tour Italy this fall. I really like the fact these are not multicolor shoes. They look like a basic oxford. The wool color is a neutral taupe, which I am finding versatile. Should hide dust/dirt well.

Ember ML
Ember ML Posted: 7/19/15
Reviewer: from
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Haven't worn it yet, but was comfortable when I tried it on with orthotics (and a heel lift). With a heel lift, sometimes your foot isn't positioned correctly and rubs up and down in the back. This shoe seems as though it will keep my heel in place even with the orthotic and heel lift. I wear a 7.5 to 8 and the 7.5 converts to a 39.3 in European sizing, which fit correctly. I tried the 8 first and it was too big.

Revert GV MM
Revert GV MM Posted: 7/11/15
Reviewer: Thadiusmaximus from Fl
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I don't know if all Asolo products are made as well as this one but the pair I received had first rate quality. The picture doesn't do this boot justice. The materials of this boot looks much nicer in person. Excellent fit and finish. Both tongue gussets were proportionally even allowing the tongue to sit properly centered, good luck finding that level of consistency on any Lowa boot. The quality of workmanship truly was excellent. The padding in the tongue, shaft and heel area are very good, better than a Lowa Renegade but not quite as good as a Scarpa Kailash. I wear a 10.5 in the major brands and this boot is no different; so, I would say that it is true to size for this type of boot. The boot fits my average foot very well and has a very comfortable gait while walking, along with good ankle flex and shock absorption from the midsole. I like room in the toe box and I can say that this boot has adequate room in the toe box for my feet. The outsole has a really good self cleaning pattern. I typically don't use the factory insole and this boot is no different. The midsole has a very flat arch which means, in my opinion, if you want an average arch or you need a specific type of arch support you will need to remove the factory insole and put your own insole in the boots. I presume most people do this anyway so I would not call this a negative but more or less a need-to-know of what to expect since some boots do offer more arch support from the midsole. Very breathable and great for hiking. Thanks Zappos for being great!

TPS 535 V
TPS 535 V Posted: 7/1/15
Reviewer: Lee Franklin from Leroy pa
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

First of all, Zappos is the only way to buy shoes. I have tried many different boots through them until I found the Asolo TPS535V boots. Their service is fantastic. I also had a pair of these develop a flaw in the toe box within a few months. Zappos immediately sent me a brand new pair and I sent the old pair back in...awesome. Now for the boots. I now own two pairs of these boots as they are the only thing I wear. I am an outdoorsman in the hills of NE PA and I own a tree service. These boots can take anything I dish out. I have a really wide right foot and these boots can adjust enough to compensate. Thank you Zappos for your patience.

TPS 535 V
TPS 535 V Posted: 6/30/15
Reviewer: Scott from San Diego
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

I purchased these boots for a three day hike from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other. My friends thought I was crazy to not break them in before using them. I had no problems at all. No blisters,rubbing or soreness. I installed superfeet inserts. I had these boots for about 12 years and the soles finally fell off. Probably from the many miles put on them and many nights with my feet propped up to close to the campfire. I was devastated until I saw they still make this boot. I ordered another pair to take hiking in the mountains of North Carolina and they are just as comfortable. I will put the super feet inserts in them and walk them until the soles fall off. Just hope Asolo still makes these boots 10-12 years from now.

Outlaw GV ML
Outlaw GV ML Posted: 6/22/15
Reviewer: from Hawaii and San Francisco
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

Cute lavender hiking shoe. Not too clunky. Stiff and supportive. Appropriately heavy but not too. Moderate toebox. Well-made. Perfect size for me, unfortunately, the wrong last. I give it 4's because it didn't work for me. I wear 8.5-9's. These fit well at 8.5.

TPS 535 V
TPS 535 V Posted: 6/20/15
Reviewer: Nate from Lancaster, pa
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

I have been wearing this boot for about four years now and with the exception of work I wear them daily. I weigh 280lbs and I am 6' tall and I have not worn them out I beat the crap out of them and they don't miss a beat. To Asolo people I say job well done!

Piuma Posted: 6/19/15
Reviewer: Mike Uptegrove from Honolulu, Hawaii
Overall: Rated:1 stars! Comfort: Rated:1 stars! Style: Rated:1 stars!

Guys, I spent a lot of time researching before purchasing these boots. I'm an avid hiker and have hiked places like New Zealand, Patagonia, Peru, Indonesia. I've also walked the Camino de Santiago 2 times for a total of 1100 miles crossing Spain, the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europe. I call Hawaii home and we have some of the hardest and most beautiful hikes in the world and I hike regularly. I was looking for a lightweight, low-profile, zero drop-type boot with a large toe box that would be durable and last on the lava here in Hawaii. I thought this boot was it. Today I hiked to the top of Stairway to Heaven, from the Moanalua Middle, which is an intermediate trail at best. I've never had a more difficult time on such an easy trail. I believe the tread pattern/design is poorly designed. The middle section of the tread is cut away and too hard, leaving you zero traction from the mid foot. The heel tread is too smoothed and rounded; it doesn't give you anything to grip/brake with going down. Even on the flat sections of dry ridge, I felt like I was on butter. In fact the boots had so little traction that I was reduced to 3 inch baby steps going down some of the least steep ridges I've hiked here. I'm glad I made it down alive frankly, and I'd hate to think what might happen to a more novice hiker had they been in these boots. People in flip-flops and Nike Frees seemed to have better traction than I. Another major flaw design that I might as well mention, hoping Asolo reads this, is the stitching in the heel support. They run a piece of supportive leather through the heel when that should be one solid piece. The piece of leather they run around the back of the heel digs into your heel creating hotspots. If you're like me and do a lot of extremely vertical hikes, you know how important it is to be able to sit into the heel of a boot as you ascend so you don't burn out your calves trying to go up. Because of the rubber or the pattern of this tread, this is the worst boot I've owned. It's a shame too because other than that, which is probably the most important element of a good boot, the boot was constructed, or appeared to be constructed quite durably. I would love to see Asolo remedy this design flaw as I feel that it could potentially lead to injury or fatality. I myself, a extremely avid hiker, was at the mercy of this treadless boat on several occasions, hoping I'd regain some traction before sliding off the edge of a steep ridge. It's not a great feeling.

Stynger GTX®
Stynger GTX® Posted: 6/14/15
Reviewer: Skinner Sheryl from Paradise, CA
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

This is a great boot...but I've got a bunion that caused a hot spot. No fault of the boot. They're spendy yet uber high quality. Think I'll try a different model that might have a little more give in the area of the bunion.

Fugitive GTX®
Fugitive GTX® Posted: 6/4/15
Reviewer: from Birmingham, AL
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

This is the most awesome work shoe I have ever bought. Lightweight, comfortable, weatherproof and it has made my work day a joy again. No more pain in my feet or knees. Everyone comments on them as to how great they look too.

TPS 520 GV
TPS 520 GV Posted: 6/4/15
Reviewer: Mark Zalikowski from Buffalo, NY
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

Great Boots, 2nd pair I have owned. When I wore out m first pair I was happy to find out Asolo was still making this model so I could get a new pair.

Jumla Posted: 6/3/15
Reviewer: Ashton Montrone from Montana
Overall: Rated:4 stars! Comfort: Rated:4 stars! Style: Rated:4 stars!

Well built, sturdy shoes. Some of Asolo's lighter weight shoes (like the Jumla) have a narrow heel that I find unstable. The Jumla doesn't have this problem. It is narrow in the width. I have slightly wider than average feet, but most shoes fit me fine. They have some ankle support, but can be slipped on and off because of the smooth transition from top to foot bed along the tongue.

Reston WP
Reston WP Posted: 5/27/15
Reviewer: Bernie Herd, Jr from Burleson, Texas
Overall: Rated:5 stars! Comfort: Rated:5 stars! Style: Rated:5 stars!

This is a very well made boot and would have worked for me except the heel doesn't have enough cushion for my foot issues. They look great and look top quality.

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