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Zappos Mic Drops Music Festival With 8-Story LED Display

Written with heart Fernando Cabestany

February 16th, 2017

Each year, at the end of the summer, the Life Is Beautiful Festival takes place in downtown Las Vegas where thousands gather to celebrate life through great music, fantastic food and inspiring art.

Here at Zappos, we're always thinking of ways to WOW the people around us, and given that the main stage of the festival happens to be in front of our headquarters, we wanted to do something cool for the attendees.

In 2015, we came up with the idea of creating a giant visual equalizer that could enhance the experience for festivalgoers. So, we created an outward facing, six-story tall LED matrix and named her Emily. It was possibly the biggest visual EQ ever made, and people liked it a lot.

Since we're fascinated with lights, music and WOWing people, we decided to do it again in 2016, but bigger and better.

Discussions were had months ahead of the festival, and the plan was to create an eight-story tall installation with 768 LED pars. To turn it up a notch we decided to make the visuals react to the sound of the stage.

In total, we created over 50 unique animations that were mixed live, displayed giant messages and managed to become part of the show.

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